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Journalist, Speaker, Consultant, Writer in Publishing | Twitter: @Porter_Anderson
Journalist, Speaker, Consultant, Writer in Publishing | Twitter: @Porter_Anderson

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Praising the British artist's 'openness to new media and his application of digital techniques,' Frankfurt's Juergen Boos announces Hockney's keynote comments on October 18.

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Join us Monday 12 September at 11aET / 5pCEST / 4pBST / 3pGMT for a live Twitter chat at hashtag #TheMarkets2016 from Publishing Perspectives, Frankfurt Book Fair, and THE MARKETS: Global Publishing Summit (our 18 October conference). We'll be joined by Dosdoce's Javier Celaya from Bilbao on the Spanish publishing market today. Celaya is speaking as our visionary on Spain at THE MARKETS. Come chat with us! And here's more about Celaya and Spain's market:

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"The whole idea is that I feel like all art is technology. It comes about because we discovered some kind of technology, from cave paintings to whatever. If we’re singing, that’s human. And any other sound we make is a form of technology, it’s artificial.

"The cello is an old, 17th-century type of technology. But the cello is also closest to the human voice. And when paired with a newer technology, then the cello becomes more human. If you just keep going into the future, technologies become more and more human."

— Cellist Michael Nicolas in #MusicForWriters at Thought Catalog. Check out his new album TRANSITIONS, Album of the Week at Q2 Music

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When we see awards programs affected and industry statistics swayed, it’s good to remember that adult coloring books are to literature maybe approximately — probably not even as germane — what toy cars are to the auto industry.

In the bookish world, these coloring books are something on the same shelf, yes, but more akin to a flower vase than a story.

Because between “Madder Lake” (produced by Crayola from 1903 to 1935) and “Raw Umber” (1903 to 1990), there just isn’t a single color in that box called “Reading.”

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"I think I was 14 when I read The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo, and it’s the same thing, he’s describing the story of Narcissus as seen from the point of view of the lake. While Narcissus is falling in love with his own image in the lake, the lake is falling in love with its own image in Narcissus’ eyes."
—Composer +Gity Razaz    on her 'The Metamorphosis of Narcissus' in #MusicForWriters  at +Thought Catalog 

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One to catch at HOW Brand's terrific HOW Live conference in Atlanta (May 19-23). +Drew Bridewell (@ABridewell to your tweetly neighbors) leads User Experience Design at +LinkedIn. His talk at +Emerald Expositions and +Gary Lynch's #HOWLive conference is called "You've Only Got Two Eyeballs: Designing Products for the Responsive Web" -- not to be missed. 

Feel free to use my code PORTER to save $50 and don't wait, the best pricing is on right now, through April 1.

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Among the terrific responses at WriterUnboxed​ on our article about work used without payment and  The Huffington Post​,  Narda Wakoluk has left this incredibly apt video clip, 3.25 minutes, of author Harlan Ellison​'s commentary on the topic. 

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A lot of good reaction in comments on "Amazing Disgrace: The ‘Pride’ of The Huffington Post" at Writer Unboxed. Healthy, all-over-the-map perspectives on the HuffPo policy of not paying some 100,000  bloggers. Our Provocations in Publishing article has two points: 

(1) We can do no less than hold our writing colleagues responsible for enabling The Huffington Post to use their work free of charge. 
(2) If we read and share that unpaid work, then we, too, are complicit in the “pride” of The Huffington Post in not paying our good colleagues and our friends.  

What do you think? 

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If you'll bear with me, I'll just quote myself on +Jodie Landau, whose debut album, "You Of All Things," is simply a must-hear, just out from +Bedroom Community. At +Thought Catalog in my #MusicForWriters  piece, I wrote:

"Jodie Landau is the music industry’s new Cyrano de Bergerac, a flirt of endless guile.

"He yanks in every single thing he can find to play (he’s a percussionist), or write, or compose, all in the service of getting under your skin. He wants every musician, every engineer, every color, every breath, every possible way into your heart and your mind and he succeeds.

"In listening to "You Of All Things," you’ll get it. It is all about you. All about him romancing you. And if you can listen to the full album and not fall in love with this guy, then you need to go back and listen again."

Special honors to Landau's many collaborators including +Valgeir Sigurðsson +wild Up Graduale Nobili, +Christopher Rountree and a host of others. So worth your time. 

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A great set of graphics from +Jane Friedman, my new partner in our exclusive newsletter on the publishing industry for authors, The Hot Sheet. Learn more about it here:
From 2015: Some of my favorite visuals and stats about the book publishing industry and where it's headed.
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