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Catherine Dougherty
Syndicated garden columnist and essayist...
Syndicated garden columnist and essayist...

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Sacred Seeds
 *Given to patron of Farmers Co-Ops in 1935.   The perpetuation of God’s greatest gift to mankind,
plants which sustain all of life, is assured through the production of their seeds.
Seeds assure there will be another crop and thus food for all who eat fru...

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Flowering Viburnum and Feathered Courtship
  With the world spinning very quickly these days, it is more important than ever to seek some harmonic softeners in daily life. The escalation of technology has become mind-boggling especially when one considers that only 100 years ago the main duty of Sch...

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St Patrick, the Shamrock and Oxakis
   Pink Oxalis Spring was ushered in on Monday, March 19 th with the Vernal
Equinox...that brief moment in time when there are equal parts of both day and
night. However it has been unusually hot as we also welcomed with the
celebration Saint Patrick’s Day...

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Plant Based Medicinal Knowledge of Our Elders
What have we lost? I began rereading the Foxfire books again a few weeks ago. They were first published as magazine articles in 1966 but became so successful that the articles were published in a series of books. They are fascinating reading for in them one...

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Revisiting Poisonous Plants
 Castor Bean Plant in Bloom As spring arrives and outside activities abound it is wise to revisit plant
properties know of potential dangers lurking in the garden. Plants have been
source of fascination since the beginning of time. They have provided a

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Valentine Gifts for Gardeners
Bulb Planter that attaches to a cordless drill!   In
conversation with a fellow writer last week she astounded me by mentioning she
never includes the weather in her gardening columns. She is a city girl so I am
assuming the weather does not have drastic si...

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Tomatoes in the News... Finally
Tomatoes in the News… Finally   At last the flavor of tomatoes has reached the forefront of national news… on Monday a story appeared on television which addressed the flavor of current tomatoes. As all of who love them may attest tomato flavor has become m...

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Mother of Thousands... Her Baby Succulents
  Once again the weather took center focus with frozen
rain and ice accumulations, temperatures below freezing and fog. Additionally,
the rain on Sunday was an added surprise and the since temperatures did not
reach above freezing ice continued to form on t...

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Winter Stew
    My Stew Recipe: Buy 2 ½ or 3 pounds of either stew meat or chuck… whatever
is cheaper.   Cut into small bite sized
pieces.. . this is important because large pieces do not get tender. Put in a
skillet and cook over medium heat, adding salt and pepper an...

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The Almost-Disaster Zip Line
We took a walk and saw the 60 foot Oak tree, with the 20 foot girth that we had put the zip line around for the kids when they were young. It was over the canyon where the creek runs and at a proper angle to actually zip with sufficent speed for a fun ride....
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