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Disallow Open (Season On) Primaries
Bernie Sanders wants all Democratic primaries to be open because he benefited from them. They are not fairer than closed primaries as he claims. It's just the opposite - they can allow sabotage by avid opponents of the Democratic party to hijack their prima...

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Berned By Health Care Truths
With the primaries over, Bernie Sanders' damage to Hillary Clinton's general election prospects looks to be less than that inflicted by Donald Trump to Republican White House aspirations. Still, Bernie  hasn't given up  on further forcing Hillary to the lef...

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Indian Visa Misery
According to World Bank India gets 7 million visitors a year, which is shameful for a country of this size, economic importance and cultural heritage. This compares with Vietnam's 8 million, Malaysia's 26 million, Thailand's 27 million, Russia's 31 million,...

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Will Telemedicine Save Money?
Telemedicine (or telehealth) in the specific form of video chats with doctors seems at last to be taking off in U.S.A. An Aug. 4, '15 report says the U.S. will have an over 40% share of a global telemedicine market projected to grow to over $34B by end of 2...

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Good Times After High Crimes
The  two murderous lifers  who escaped from a maximum security upstate New York prison  have expended massive resources  towards their recapture. But even if this hadn't happened taxpayers  spend up to $60,000  per high risk prisoner for their lifetime. Our...

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U.S. Doctors: Good PR on Their Pay and Plight
U.S. doctor groups have ensured that prices of their services remain multiples above elsewhere in the world. At their behest every year Congress overrode a 1997 law provision that cut Medicare rates to keep expenses per beneficiary at par with growth of GDP...

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Pay More And Get (Much) More
The latest Congressional lawmakers caught in ethical and financial wrongdoing are Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and Republican (now ex) Rep. Aaron Schock . And sure, I feel anger and disgust. Only most of it is directed at the simpleminded public and an i...

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Feeling The Price Chasm
Even Anita and my routine medical expenses this past month show how our leadership from the top down miss the key flaw with our U.S. healthcare system. It's like in the satirical novel Catch-22 where the (anti) hero Yossarian tends to airman Snowden aboard ...

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False Cure for Health Savings
The U.S.
cannot cure its colossal health care expenses by targeting the wrong disease.
Even as a Sep.
2014 CMS report predicts a further 6% bump in our healthcare costs from 2015
out we have an opportunity to correct our true problem of bloated prices. Heal...
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