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Lawyer Legion
Lawyer Legion - a Directory Organized Around Board Certification Programs and Legal Organizations
Lawyer Legion - a Directory Organized Around Board Certification Programs and Legal Organizations

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Use our free online directory at Lawyer Legion to find an experienced attorney for your case. Tell them you found then on Lawyer Legion. The service is free to attorneys and no attorney or law firm is allowed to advertise on the site. 
Do you pay money to be listed in an online attorney directory? Do your competitors advertise on the site? Lawyer Legion is different. No one pays and no one can advertise.

At Lawyer Legion, our online attorney directory promotes non-profit specialty legal organizations and specialty certification programs as a better way to rank lawyers active in the legal community.

See how it works for criminal defense attorneys in California -

Visit to see who claimed their profile this week.

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Claim your free online attorney directory profile on Lawyer Legion today! It is quick and easy.
Free Directory Listings for Attorneys

How much do you pay for a directory listing for your law firm's marketing efforts? Did you know all of the profiles at Lawyer Legion are completely free and no attorney is allowed to advertise?

That means no enhanced listings and no paid listings. All listings are free. We simply use the directory to promote the internet marketing services offered by our parent company, Internet LAVA, LLC, in Houston, TX.

Don't spend a penny on paid online attorney directories until after you have taken advantage of the free online attorney directories for attorneys.

Claim your free Lawyer Legion profile to create a powerful online presence. In a matter of minutes you can create your custom profile and directory listing on +Lawyer Legion  is a trusted resources for online legal information about trust legal organizations, lawyer referral services and specialty board certification programs. 

With over 40 thousand visitors per month, a professional profile promotes your favorite practice areas to prospective clients, increases your visibility among fellow attorneys, and helps build your firm's brand.

A directory listing service is part of +Internet LAVA, LLC 's complete suite of marketing solutions catered to helping you and your law firm grow.

Your professional online profile is optimized to rank highly in web searches and features: the ability to update your profile at any time with your picture, contact information, complete biography, education, work experience, a link to your website, social media profiles, and publications, and a RSS feed your blog.

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Visit the Lawyer Legion website to find a list of bar associations in California. Our list includes all of the legal specialty, minority, local and regional bar associations across the State of California. Let us know if we missed one.

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These attorneys recently claimed their profile on Lawyer Legion at Have you claimed your free profile? Our online attorney directory is different. No attorney is allowed to advertise or pay for any kind of enhanced listing.

We make money from advertising the services of our parent company. +Internet LAVA, LLC .  Internet LAVA, LLC, builds websites for attorneys and law firms across the country. So if you are tired of paying to be listed in a "find a lawyer" directory - check out +Lawyer Legion  today.

Find attorneys focused on personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, DUI / DWI, family law, divorce law, immigration, real estate, property law, employment law, bankruptcy, commercial litigation and business law.

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Our team just launched the redesigned membership directory (often called the "find a lawyer") directory on the website for the California DUI Lawyer Association (CDLA). If you are a member of CDLA, please update your profile and let us know what you think! Visit this link to see how it works for DUI Lawyers in California in San Diego -
+Lawyer Legion just launched the new "find a lawyer" directory for the California DUI Lawyers Association founded in 1989. The top DUI lawyers in California are active in this organization. Visit their directory if you need a DUI attorney.  More than 500 attorneys are listed. If your organization needs a better membership directory then contact Lawyer Legion and the team and +Internet LAVA, LLC .

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The North Carolina Board of Legal Specialization added information on their website about +LawyerLegion. Visit the page to learn more about resources for state and national specialty certification programs and their online attorney directories. Also find out why Lawyer Legion lets you search for a lawyer that has earned this special designation as a board certified specialist across any of the state and national programs. +Internet LAVA, LLC 

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Check out the website we just designed and launched for - if your non-profit legal organization or bar association needs a new website or membership directory then e-mail us at we make it quick and easy to have the perfect site for your organization. +Internet LAVA, LLC 
Lawyer Legion is proud to announce that we just launched the newly redesigned website for the Pinellas County Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers known as "PFAWL."

If your non-profit legal organization or local bar association needs a new website - contact Lawyer Legion at for more information on the websites and membership directories that we design. We have many more of these sites launching in the coming weeks. +Lawyer Legion +Internet LAVA, LLC 

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Find out more about becoming a board certified attorney in Texas. Read more about the TBLS and why certification matters.

The TBLS has a very good directory that can help the public when they begin their search for a Texas attorney online.

Lawyer Legion also created a directory of board certified attorneys in Texas.
Becoming Board Certified by TBLS distinguishes attorneys from their peers. Become an example of professional excellence & apply today:

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Learn more about the American Board of Criminal Lawyers (ABCL). Watch a documentary that provides a rare glimpse into the history of the ABCL and some of the accomplishments of ABCL fellows.

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Have you claimed your free profile in the Lawyer Legion directory? Visit the link below to see how our online directory works for criminal defense attorneys in San Francisco, CA.
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