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America’s Trump, Not Trump’s America
problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy rotten system.” Dorothy
Day Strong
words from a brave woman unknown to most Americans because her bravery and
boldness didn’t just concern a minority group but all of humanity. She demanded
radical chang...

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Protect Your Pets WELL  A New Treatment for Dogs Scared by Thunder and Fireworks By JAN HOFFMAN A new drug, Sileo, has been developed to help with canine noise phobia. But you play the key role in making your pet more comfortable.

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Trum Charged With Rape, Sodomy, Female Abuse, Hate Crime and Holocaust Denial!
U.S. Trump Interrupts Call to Compliment Female Reporter’s ‘Nice Smile’ Establishment Neo-LibCons Shocked, Call For Impeachment...Again...Yet...Still...etc

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Syrian Warning Halted U.S. Nuclear Attack, Officials Say
White House Warning Halted Syria Chemical Attack, Officials Say JUNE 28, 2017 Photo Defense Secretary Jim Mattis,
center, in Brussels last month. He said on Wednesday that President
Bashar al-Assad of Syria “took the warning seriously.” Credit Stephen Cro...

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Islamophobic Neo-Cons, Russophobic Neo-Libs: USA! USA!
All of us are potentially
endangered by those driven to violent acts called hate crimes when committed by
individuals,   but social acts of
hatred and depravity are much greater threats and exclude none, no matter where
we live or what moral, spiritual or m...

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Twit: a foolish, contemptible little person*
Like the kind of pampered twits with nothing better to do
than not only read but attempt analysis of our super twit president’s tweets to
his audience of buffoon twits in the liberal media establishment. Legalienate visited an intellectual monastery   - whe...

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Impeach Ignorance
The plan to impeach Trump, which existed even before he was
elected –just in case – and has been operational since then, has now approached
action nearing national hysteria. What Putin politely called “American
schizophrenia” is really making an institution...

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Double Standards R Us
One in a Series After being vilified as a Satan by neo-liberals for
allegedly costing their anointed one the election – this was before Putin was
appointed Greater Satan – the former FBI Director is sanctified by neo-liberals
as martyr to the cause of justi...

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Deep State, Shallow Politics, Dumb Economics:
That This Home of the Master Race of Self Chosen People was the World’s Greatest
Democracy Even Before Trump In
1965, the USA had 780,000 people in prison, jail, on parole or on probation. By 2010, that
population had grown by more than nine times,...
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