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Johann Jacoby (lahoffa)

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Schattenhand hat Onyx Guardian gemacht! :D

Now, everybody hold on a minute! It's not as if enl agents have been caught red handed actively querying scraped data to do the things enl agents simply assumed res agents in a slack channel were doing. And they're not engaging in whataboutism, justifying what enl does by saying 'res have done it, too!'. No, these vigilante enl simply shut their pieholes as is customary when it turns out you've been a damn hypocrite all along. 😂

#ManTheBall just because there's too few passing artists like aaron rodgers or the goat.

#BanTheMall ! The food court ain't got a krispy kreme. 😠

I got 1000 days for my sojourner, and now i demand that everybody be proud of me, because i tapped on my telephone at least once a day for going on the years!

I hate it, never a parking space to be found! #BanTheMall #MyLocalMallSucks

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