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LoanAssistant™, is the only loan servicing add-on for QuickBooks® that allows you to efficiently manage multiple loans and credit lines.
LoanAssistant™, is the only loan servicing add-on for QuickBooks® that allows you to efficiently manage multiple loans and credit lines.

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5 tips for becoming a successful lender

Successful lending practice requires a clear strategy and a well-established business process. To get both of them, you need to clearly define your goals and desires of your target audience, as well as to conduct an analysis of your main competitors’ activities. This is something that each lender has to do individually, but there are also some useful tips, which are common to all the lenders.

5 tips for growing a thriving lending business

Here you will learn how the occupation of your own niche, focus on local audiences, transparent business practices and using of loan servicing computer program can help you in becoming a successful lender.

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Mortgage servicing computer program and its importance for mortgage industry

The mortgage industry has changed a lot in last years. Intense competition has forced lenders to seek new ways for quick and high-quality customer service, and this has led to the appearance of loan servicing computer programs. These programs simplify a large part of processes in lending business and give appreciable results almost from the first day of use.

What has changed with the appearance of mortgage servicing computer program?
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Private lending attracts investors by high interest rates, but it is also associated with increased risk. The borrower may not repay the private money loan on time or even at all. Therefore, private money lending needs a powerful strategy that will reduce this risk and provide a competitive advantage. See our 5 tips for becoming a successful lender to know how to grow a thriving private lending business. In this article, you can also learn the traps that are waiting for you on your path to success and how to avoid them.
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In addition to the simple and intuitive user interface, this loan servicing software also has another unique feature – it is the only addition for QuickBooks that provides the opportunity to conveniently work with multiple loans and credit lines. All loan data will be displayed in QuickBooks without double entry.
Many financial companies in the different segments of lending industry are already using Loan Assistant.
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Good loan processing software significantly reduces the time an employee spends on these processes, so he can serve more customers every day. Depending on its features, software can automate the whole workflow from loan origination to payment processing, interest adjustments, late fees, and reporting. Imagine how this could increase your income, taking into account the number of employees at your company!
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Loan Assistant is a very powerful and easy-to-use loan management software developed by bankers and accountants to serve the needs of lending businesses that work with any mortgage loans, revolving and non-revolving lines of credit, auto, commercial, student loans and all others.
This loan management software functions as a complete loan processing system, which also gives the ability to post loan payments in QuickBooks accounting software and manage investors’ participation.
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If you are working in lending industry and looking for the ways to get more success, you need to choose the right loan accounting software. It will allow you to save time on loan processing and become more productive. To choose loan accounting software that will meet all the aspects of your business in the best way, first of all assess your current loan servicing system, even if it’s manual. When you clearly know the disadvantages of existing system and that what you need to achieve optimal performance, you can choose the right loan accounting software and free your company's future from unwanted problems.
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Today's lending industry is a very big competition, so it’s very important for every lender to be maximally productive on his work. At the same time, it’s still necessary to have time for risks evaluation and loan payment tracking. Using good loan management software is a critical factor for this case. Find out how it can help you.
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There are many different kinds of situations that can be presented when taking out a loan.  It is a common phenomenon that borrowers  invest a massive amount of time on price shopping and lose the savings based on poor and uninformed decisions.  Like most things, each type of loan has its pros and cons.    In order to make the right decision the borrowers have to understand the offered financing options.  This will allow them to arrive at the best possible solution for their financing needs.
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The best loan management software

The world of borrowing and lending is a complex one. Just because it is complex doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult to understand. There are many different types of loans, and understanding and recognizing their basic criteria is must have knowledge for both lenders and borrowers. Lenders in any industry have to be flexible in providing a full range of financial products to be competitive with other companies. It is imperative that they can analyze cash flow. They must also analyze their profits produced by different kinds of loans.
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