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What retraction settings do you use with PLA? I've been using the following on a stock extruder. I still get a few strings, and narrow areas of flat layers (involving rapid back and forth motion) look a bit thin, like not enough material is being extruded. I'm curious to see what everyone is using.

Speed: 50mm/s
Distance: 4.5mm
Minimum travel: 1.5mm
Minimal extrusion before retracting: 0.02mm
Z hop when retracting: 0.075mm

Travel speed: 250mm/s
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You reduced your extrusion temperature; but, did you take it down all the way to the minimum? Minimum being where the extruder can't push the filament properly or the layers don't bond to each other. I have some PLA that I print at 180C and it works great, I have some other that likes 215C.
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