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Today, we’re introducing the developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK. You can now start building your own hardware prototypes that include the Google Assistant, like a self-built robot or a voice-enabled smart mirror.

To get started, read our blog post at and visit the Google Assistant SDK website to download the SDK, and start building.

What retraction settings do you use with PLA? I've been using the following on a stock extruder. I still get a few strings, and narrow areas of flat layers (involving rapid back and forth motion) look a bit thin, like not enough material is being extruded. I'm curious to see what everyone is using.

Speed: 50mm/s
Distance: 4.5mm
Minimum travel: 1.5mm
Minimal extrusion before retracting: 0.02mm
Z hop when retracting: 0.075mm

Travel speed: 250mm/s
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