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jader guadalupe zähler d' avila
fulfill contracts. do what others expect from you.
fulfill contracts. do what others expect from you.
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to grab a client for good.
from the point of view of the client, you compete with other suppliers. if you dont dance to the client's music, you are out. hungry.
one good way to fidelize the client is turning him into your associate in your company. yes, make him partner of your company. if he is your company, he will not have to buy from 'others'. in theory, he produces what he needs.
his interest move to your production system, how to make it cheaper. when he is not part of you, he does not care. if you fail, he says fuck you. but if he is part of you, your problems are his problems.
go to china, and tell the client: for you the prices will be cheaper, if you are my company. our company. dont buy from others, bring the product from your company.
at first, offer him part for a price. if he does not get interested, you give him the part. yes, give for free. tell him: imagine your company bringing your product from your producing country. your client must think that you are not the other, you are part of him, just like his legs.
the world is going to common markets, conglomerates. the buyer and the seller are not the 'other'. they are you. you and them are one. look around and see that the loner, the independent, are hungry.
be fat and happy, associate.

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cost cutter.
making money by not losing money.
the state the white invented is too damn dear. any white product is dearer than the chinese product. the chinese never lose sight of the cost.
jose ignacio lopez arriortua managed to cost costs inside the white state. but that was not enough. so, the way is to lower the cost of the state to at least chinese levels. and this is only to start to compete, not to win.
the santa claus state the white made, give money for free, too much money to too many people. but nothing is free, somebody gotta pay the bill.
the ones that pay are much less than the ones that receive. the state accepts any excuse you got for not produce: old, child, woman, sick, without a part of the body, sad, today you are not in the mood, etc.
the third world look to the chinese model.
i seen a factory in china. the factory made a building for the employees inside the space of the factory. employees do not have to commute. girls are taught to never get pregnant, so at night the fun produces no kid. the factory gives the food and the uniform. in hard cash, the factory gives the employee the minimum. house, food, sex, uniform. all comes free to the factory. the product can be the cheapest in the market.
in the slavery time it was the same. in chinese time, it's the same but the name is not slave. the plantation produced food, the factory must buy the food. but i seen chicken and pigs around the factory.
since the white will not lower its costs, the chinese will come here, buy us and lower the costs. and put a chinese style state here. you will be chinese in no time.

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dont hang on anyone.
essencially you are alone in the universe. all your associations are temporary. get used to it.
forever does not exist, especially for people. as a kid you were taught illusions about family, country, race, company, etc. society must hammer those ideas in your head so you believe it. have you noticed that when things come to the boiling point everybody jumps out and leave you alone to get fucked?
dont hang on anyone, emotionally and especially financially. your friend is the one that buys what you are selling. and after he bought it he is not your friend anymore. the second buy is a new invite to friendship. nothing in the universe happens twice. the second chance is a new chance, different from the first.
the marvel of the limited time burning passion. passion is so delicious, burns high but lasts so short. get used that the burning desire he felt for you once, was the only time. the second session will be a little bit less burning. i told my daughter to direct the action so she can get the most satisfaction in the first session. nobody can tell if there will be a second. or if the second will be as good as the first. most of the time it never is.
so if you understand that your only real friend is the money, that everything around you is around only for some time, and you see the beauty in it, life starts to be marvellous.
imagine yourself in paris, inside the most beautiful gown, money just waiting for your desires, a handsome man burning to fuck you, and a dinner at those fantastic chic restaurants. after this high, you pay everybody and get back to make money.
life can be marvellous if you are single with money.

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home sweet home.
yeah. but where is it?
we are all salesman. all the time, from cradle to grave. anywhere.
some people got this illusion, that if you lock doors around you, you are separated. it's a disaster waiting to happen. there is no separated anywhere.
someone whose interests pass through you, he wont care you are locked behind doors, he will get you the same. the US built a fence, israel built a fence, it did not stop anyone from the other side of the fence. so, fence is an illusion, that keeps others temporarily unable to reach you.
unable to reach you. the second illusion.
so, where are you safe? where is home?
home is when everybody around you have commercial ties to you. someone that get profit from you, will pray for your health. will save you after the explosion. will warn you of the danger.
home is everywhere. any new place you go, you talk to the people of the place to establish commercial ties. done. you are home. if you dont talk to the people, they will be suspicious and angry. for what the suspicious will pray? for your health? never. he wants you to die. angry coz they see no profit, nobody loves to lose the chance of making money.
hoarding things gives the illusion of richness. the same richness can be stored in the form of money. or in the promise from the people around you, that they will care for your well being, coz they owe you. you see? you can store your riches in the hand of the others. this aint much profitable, but it guarantees the partnership, which in times of troubles are better than money.
it's so nice to be in paris, buy the nicest gown in the windowshop, walk around with everybody melting to fuck you. hand in hand with your most precious friend: the money.

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the second kid?
china freed girls to make the second kid.
girls did not make the first. the chinese government is betting that the girl that made one would make the second.
coz the girls that did not make the first, will do zero. girls liked being single with money.
the government saw that the following generation will come down from 2 billion to 600 million. counting on the girls that made one kid. such numbers make a government sound the alarm bell. governments love numbers. the girl in the street, not so much.
the girl, to make one, is bombarded day and night by society, telling her the marvels of motherhood and the evils of singleness. in china, the girl saw the chance to escape that. and she did escape.
the chinese and japanese girls i talked with in paris, told me NEVER.
between us, 600 million is enough. you find a nice apartment in tokyo for the price of a cubicle in hong kong. let's have less people and more space.
it's so nice to go to the streets, knowing that you can find a chic girl, that wont get pregnant, have her own money, wont hang on you, have her own opinions about everything and mainly demands minimum performance from you to make it worth her coming to the workout.
from what i been hearing, the girls that made one wont make the second. after you planned your life on one, you wont change it only coz a government wants it.
my opinion is MARVELLOUS IS SINGLE WITH MONEY. the first generation of chinese girls that went to paris and bought a haute couture floor length gown. and walked around to show it.

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teach her there.
when the whites see other races making six kids, they think: it's their problem. but the others arrived in the white's house uninvited. all the eight. without a dime.
so, it's our problem now.
the cheapest way for a solution is hire advertising companies in the origin countries, to convince mothers to make only one kid.
the only kid will be fed, clothed and most of all, educated. he/she will be able to start a company, organize people and materials for production. he/she will stay with the mother, does not have to go to the us/europe. will be able to make money in the origin country, introducing the better techniques.
he/she will make more money in the origin country than the six remitting money from the us/europe. a dishwasher can not send much from new york city. but the daughter with a diploma of chemistry from germany can make millions.
and it all starts with a mother thinking: i am going to make one kid to be somebody, than six to die of hunger hidden in a truck in calais france.
that, along with all the information on natality control, will make a difference. and i will be glad to welcome a merchant, not a refugee. someone that comes to my house as equal, not as a rat.
the daughter will go to paris to buy a gown, not to explode the french.

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a railroad for grain.
there is grain rotting in the silos in the center west of brazil, coz there is no way to take it out.
the train with port systems of the atlantic are all full capacity. santos, paranagua, rio grande, buenos aires and bahia blanca can not add a needle.
first i seen a barge that goes down the parana river, loaded with iron ore, going to the buenos aires port. the barge agreed to carry grain, but i could not find a port. i could make one in the paraguay river, but the grain ship could not go up the paraguay river.
later i found a port in santarem pará on the amazon river, but the road is terrible, it cant handle the load. so, cheapest would be a railroad. santarem is in a place of the amazon, that the grain ship can arrive.
the railroad would use the road open in the rainforest.
xi jinping the other day said he got 2 billion, to lend to the third world make infrastructure. well, this railroad will feed him.
brazil is the best food producing machine of the world. if the chinese wants to marry me, we can be fat and happy.

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in praise of the islamic state.
the media adopted to bash the islamic state. but there is a bright side to every dark spot.
the islamic state put the thugs to do the dirty work in front of cameras, it hides that they only get refineries, oil wells and a financing centre on the middle east.
they never failed delivering the oil. they fullfill contracts.
if they achieve to make a country from algeria to pakistan, it will be a huge unified market.
not bad for someone that got things to sell.
and they think the west is a great thing. see the refugees all coming to the west. it's a market we can compete with the chinese. not bad, since we been losing in our home turf.
we been bombing them, they bomb us. it's called war.
right now, they buy arms from the same that bomb them. it's so nice that the other being your enemy, it does not prevent you from selling to him. there are a lot of jobs being kept in the usa, russia, china, france, etc, all the producers of arms.
that's why i tell the whites, to not destroy them completely. we need this enemy, we need this war. a weapon is the only product we can compete with the chinese.
so, the next time you see a islamic state warrior, kiss him and tell him: my lovely enemy. you keep my gut stuffed.

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interesting latin word. from the roman empire.
com muni ic action
com = with
muni = in english it came to money
ic = a particle that turns the substantive into verb.
so, when you talk to people you are already making money. interact is profit. even if you dont make money at once, the contact has been made. future lies ahead, you harvest what you plant.
the other day i was strolling around and saw a thing in the trashbin. i kept on going and way further i heard someone say he wanted that thing. he was looking for it. i introduced myself and offered him the thing, which i could bring to him rightaway, if i see cash. he accepted and waited for me there. i came with the thing and gave him. 
you see? opportunity lies everywhere, if you communicate.
sometimes things fall in your lap, without you asking it. people communicate with you. you are not the only seller in the world. communication is a two way street.
being open to talk and being talked makes you rich.

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the two schools.
one after the other.
the first school is the one you go as kid. until 24. teaches nothing about making money. useful for the mother to have time to clean the house, buy groceries, do everything that makes a house going. fuck the lover. a great way for the kid to socialize. in theory, the home teaches morality and the school teaches bullshit. in fact, the home teaches nothing. to the boy the mother says: go out to the streets, to the girl the mother says: help me clean and dont you put your nose outside, never talk to a man.
the second school. the first school gave you a diploma and told you you are instructed, so get going. now it's time to learn to make money, coz knowing nothing you are to make a life. build a house, maintain a wife and five kids, lick a boss, client. steer clear of robbers, salesmen.
i made only one daughter, so she could inherit something. i started from zero, she would start from having a house and some money. i taught natality control so she have a kid whenever she wants it. shes 30 now and does not seem to want one pretty soon. i taught her commerce, so she only hangs on a man if she wants it. from what i seen, shes been fucking a lot but does not want to marry anyone. it seems when the girl makes her own money and fucks without getting pregnant, she can stay single.
when my daughter received the diploma from the first school, i told her: now, it starts the second school, the school of life. everyday is an exam. the low grade is hunger. if the teacher is not pleased, he will go away and leave you with no money.
this system of the kids knowing nothing, boys and girls, and later in life being thrown out the door (gently), must change.
make only one kid, boy or girl, and teach him/her everything about life, mainly how to make money.
when i see my daughter roaming around, spending the money she earned, i feel i made it right.
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