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Mike Lammers

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It's actually the one law that defines all others

Mike Lammers

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Mike Lammers

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Properly serviced they are the longest running hubs in this price range with the best seals as well. So I suggest to take a close look at your definition of proper maintenance. On the flip side if they are chinese then you are indeed f*cked.

Mike Lammers

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Optimus Prime could use one of these (in blue)

Mike Lammers

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The Spine will be like a Ladder that a being Climbs – from Birth ‘till Now – starting at the Bottom of the Spine, Climbing up until reaching the Final Position of Consciousness at the Atlas – the ‘At Last’-Point ,which is completely Formed. Then you go into your Final Acceptance of ‘who I am’ and that is already Determined, not by time so much as by Events that take Place and each Event that Specify the Nature of the Being, where the Consciousness will Move One Step Up on the Spine and Come to the Point of ‘This is Who I Am’ (which in Spirituality they call ‘Kundalini Rise’) – this is like your ‘Primal Energy’ that Determines Who You Are. So, the ones that are Pre-Programmed as Masters, they’re Pre-Programmed so they have a Different Experience of the Kundalini Rising – but, they go through the Same Process, each vertebra will Indicate or be a ‘Test’ or an ‘Initiation’. So, the Point will be Initiated, the Initiation will Introduce the Being to a point in the Cycle of Development of the Consciousness Self – they will Form that and the Environment will Help Process the Particular Point through Association, Memory, Character Building Stage, it’s Containment – until it’s Accepted , then the Next Initiation Starts, Until at the Point at the Top where the Being goes into Full Acceptance of Themselves. If that Process doesn’t Develop Properly – obviously they become Less Effective in their Chosen Path, which they really actually haven’t chosen: because of their Design they’ve been Forced to Choose it, there’s No Choice that’s Ever Free. Then the Final Analysis – the Comfortability that the Being will have with Themselves will be when they have Done all their Steps/Initiations Properly and they’ll have a ‘Good Life’, because they are Confident in the Self they’ve Created to be able to Handle the Environment Effectively and they will become more Dominant in their Environment. If the Steps didn’t Play Out accordingly and to Conclusion: they’ll become a ‘Lesser’ Force in their Environment and tend to Step Back and not Take the Lead Role and Stay in the Background.

Mike Lammers

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Mike Lammers

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Mike Lammers

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Sick fucks that can't shoot, shooting…ehhh

Mike Lammers

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German cops tend to have an education and are bureaucrats so if they have no right to do something they tend to not show up at all. Sort of a polarity that evolved after the second world war. That said if people start shooting it mostly results in more people shooting. The more people shooting the more chaos. Now ask yourself one question. 

Who benefits from chaos?
There is only one that which is best for all the rest is self interest
Work and worked as a graphic designer, art director, photographer. If I'm not inside I'm probably visiting a client or riding my mountain bike down the local trails with my dog Mees.

I'm an advocate for a basic income grant because as a global family we have proven to ourselves that we are not able to deal with money and are facing the consequences.
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Afgelopen weekend weer gehuurd bij Sixt. Geen kleine auto's meer en zonder gezeur een BMW Grand Tourer voor dezelfde prijs. Dat was de vorige keer ook al zo. Kijk zo maak je vrienden. Top!
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