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Ash Maurya
Life's Too Short To Build Something Nobody Wants
Life's Too Short To Build Something Nobody Wants

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This group has moved to a Slack channel here:

Come join us for live chats with other Running Lean practitioners.


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Happy Friday to you all!

Every year I take on one big initiative. This year it's helping start 10X more businesses around the world - something I'm calling BOOTSTART.

As members of this group, you have already helped shape a big part of the story. Thank you. I'd like to ask for your help again in spreading this message. 

I have created a thunderclap campaign that I'm using to mobilize other entrepreneurs, educators, and coaches to join in. If you find it a worthy cause, please support it with your Facebook and/or twitter reach.


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Still working on 2015 workshop calendar but next one will be in Oslo Feb 18-19


[New Blog Post] There is No Business in Your Business Model Without Revenue:

Great Infusionsoft offer for those looking to upgrade from aweber/mailchimp.

I've been using aweber for my email lists for years but finally outgrew the service. I needed a lot more customer segmentation capability which is painful to do with aweber. 

I just finished evaluating Office Autopilot (now Ontraport) and Infusionsoft and decided to migrate to the latter. 

Infusionsoft traditionally has been a lot more expensive with an annoying car-haggling experience. But they are focused on growth at the moment and are aggressively discounting their service. 

I got a great deal which is effectively even cheaper than aweber per contact (only applies if you have a larger list). I effectively got a 60% discount over their published pricing locked in for the life of the account with lots of room to scale up.

If you're considering the upgrade, drop me a line at and I can share details.

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Upcoming Running Lean Workshops

Here's an updated list of workshops for the rest of the year:

Would love to see you at one of them....
Drop me a note if you have any questions.



P.S. Any help spreading the word in your city would be greatly appreciated. 

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I've recently been using the jobs-to-be-done framework heavily in my work. Here's a podcast I did with the JTBD team at Rewired:
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