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Great​ design mockups by WWer +Zachary Yaro​:
I finally finished my concept for for +Android.  It went through several iterations (as most designs do), and I really like how it turned out.  If you are interested, I documented a bit of my design process at

Design is never done, and I will probably return to this project in the future, at least to make some tablet mock-ups, but for now, I welcome feedback on the phone version.
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Wave-Watcher +Zachary Yaro​'s great work:
The wait is over: +PaintZ 2.0 releases today!  This new version of PaintZ was not just about tacking on new features—it includes a comprehensive redesign of how the app works under the hood to improve the app while keeping the experience you are accustomed to.  The most visible changes are some highly-requested tools: the eraser and selection tools.  Behind the scenes, PaintZ 2.0 includes a variety of other improvements, such as:

• Pointer events for better support for mice, touch screens, and styli
• Better drawing support in Internet Explorer and Edge
• Improved support for running standalone on Android
• The latest version of MaterialZ for better Material Design
• Completely refactored APIs for drawing tools
• All-around bug fixes and tweaks

Try it out today at!

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Happy Birthday to one of the most talented coder among the Wave-Watchers: +Kevin Kwok​ a.k.a. Antimatter15

Joyeux Anniversaire Kevin ! ;-)

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Great work by WWer Zachary!

[Update] Now on G+: +PaintZ 
I am happy to announce the release of PaintZ, a drawing app for the web designed to be a suitable substitute for MS Paint on Chrome OS devices.  This first release includes basic drawing features, works offline, and will continue to receive updates in the future as I have time to implement more features.  Please give it a try at and, if you like it, consider leaving a review in the Chrome Web Store -

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I'm sure we all agree on the need to pull the plug on failed experiments, but with something as complex as Google Wave, was 3 months enough to get user traction? ?
When you make it a habit of shooting for the moon, it’s inevitable that you’ll have some misfires. The important thing is knowing how to fail well.

Any failure should lead to valuable technical, user, and market insights that can help inform the next effort.

Take Google Wave, for example. Wave may have been a technological marvel, but when it came to usage, it was a major flop. So what did we do? Pulled the plug quickly, helped the team find new roles within Google, and used the technical insights behind it to power other products like Gmail and Google+. What might have seemed like a waste suddenly felt like a valuable use of resources.

So the next time a project doesn't pan out, don’t be afraid to call it off. Just make sure you hold onto the good stuff when you do.

#HowGoogleWorks #moonshots #failure #google

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Link to the full announcement:
In an unspeakable act of technical necromancy, we've made what was once Google Wave available on Sandstorm.

Post has shared content Now Installs Apache Wave!

To me this is one of the most exciting developments for the Wave community since the inception of the Apache Wave project almost five years ago. Now, a great new cloud apps service, will support one-click installation of Apache Wave servers on their service.

More at:

Can't wait to give it a spin! h/t +Kenton Varda
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