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If you search for "Self Employed Health Insurance" on Google and click on an ad, Google will make more than $40.
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The amazing thing is, it's RIDICULOUSLY effective. You figure Expedia spent $30 million on google advertising. That's probably a drop in the bucket compared to their TV Advertising budget. And I'm going to bet it gave them a better return on investment too. Even if it costs them $7 to get a click, and their fee is $5 per plane ticket, it gets them new clients. Basically if the person only bought 1 ticket, they paid $2 to acquire a new client. Odds are they bought 2 or more, so they made $3 per click. Odds are, most people don't buy the tickets after clicking on the link though. But even if it comes out a wash, they just earned clients that registered on their site, and will return business for free next time.

Google are fucking beasts. I can't get over how awesome they are at making money.
Elya, that's called retargeting. A company knows that you've viewed their products and will continuously bid on ads to show to you.
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