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Flores de Mayo I had an awesome childhood. It was fun, memorable, and
formative. There were experiences that I’d like to keep to myself which I’ll
bring with me to my grave and then there were some that I’d always talk about
with my fri...

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Paramore soars with 80s sounding synth-pop perfection of an album
I won’t be reviewing songs with music videos already. You can figure
out by yourself how awesome and 80s sounding Hard Times and Told You So are.
Explaining it here would be redundant. But significant nonetheless. But my hands are tired
from typing so I’m t...

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My Life Testimony
Growing up, I have always been a
curious thinker. I question other ideas, even my own to prove a point. I am
always searching for answers. Then one day I got interested on
the idea of afterlife. What happens when we die and after that? What happens to
our s...

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Happy Mother's Day Ma!
Me and mama after my graduation in 2012. My dearest mama, How are you? How is everything up there? Are you doing well there? I hope you’re doing great. Is it true what they tell us here? That there is no pain and
sickness there? Only happiness and eternal p...

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Why I deactivated my facebook for 30 days People have been accustomed to oversharing -
bombarding other people's newsfeed with the most mundane of posts. They have
been living the saying that if there are no pictures then it did not happen.
But they tend to generate a plet...

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Scammed on Upwork When
you're very eager to land your first freelance stint you'll do almost anything
in your might to stand out and receive that very first contract. You will keep
on refreshing your feed for new jobs and you’ll try one-too...

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Matthew 6:33 : A reflection of God's plan and purpose in my life We have our own desires, few of which might be one of the
following: To have a stable and
fulfilling job and to become successful in our chosen field. To travel the world and
explore it To own a car and high-end
gadgets To be buff...

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My Devotion Chronicles We all have our fair share of experiences when it comes to doing our devotions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, devotion is when you read the Word of God which is the Bible, note down all the things you lear...

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A Beautiful Soul
Our teeth can be fixed, our muscles can be toned, even our face can be surgically beautified to remove all imperfections. But a beautiful soul - that is a person with a pure heart and a gentle attitude -  transcends any physical alterations. It goes beyond ...

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Find rest in God's presence Tomorrow is Monday, AGAIN. It's back to work and school. Back to our daily grind. But one question comes to mind: "Have you enjoyed your weekend? Have you fully rested? How many hours of sleep have you done to make up for the hours that y...
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