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Tim Burrows
Social media for law enforcement trainer, consultant and strategist.
Social media for law enforcement trainer, consultant and strategist.
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Looking forward tobgetting back to South Carolina!!

Registration is open at:

Check out @MountPleasantPD's Tweet:

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Honesty is the best policy...If you're going to give a one star rating make sure you're telling the truth. 

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Thinking of stealing someone else's Christmas cheer? Think could make your present a lot less enjoyable and for sure land you on the naughty list. Well done +Arcadia Police Department 

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A great way to stay on top of upcoming events and creating content that your community will benefit from is by using a "Content Calendar."

Here is one that has been designed specifically with Law Enforcement in mind and it's FREE!!!!!

Why a content calendar?

1) Content Sharing Requires Strategy
Content sharing itself should be strategic. It’s all about understanding what you community wants and giving it to them where they are and when it's relevant. A content calendar is a place where we can see and plan in big picture views.

2) It Will Make You More Consistent and Prepared
There is something powerful that happens when we plan and prepare. Our plans become tangible and everyone will be more likely to stick with the plan as we go along. The content calendar will give our team accountability and lay out what is coming up, what has been done and where we are going to publish our content.

3) Your Community and Your Agency Will Thank You
There is a good chance that we could all benefit from better communication. Many agencies use such a wide variety of tools that they often have a hard time staying on the same page. A good content calendar will bring them to a single place to see and their plans, know where we are and keep looking at completing our goals.

4) Your Audience Will Love It
One of the easiest ways to please your audience is to give them something that they’ll love in a timely and relevant manner. Better content that is more focused on what they need is always welcome, and they will appreciate our your efforts.

Download your free 2016 Law Enforcement Social Media Content Calendar now.

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New White Paper from +Everbridge+Nixle and me...
Social Media Guide for Law Enforcement.

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Big shout out to the +Mountain View Police Department for their work beyond just keeping their community safe! +Chris Hsiung 

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Great post by +Carrie Burrows​

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Tim Burrows commented on a post on Blogger.
Excellent commentary Mike. 
Thanks for sharing. 

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Join me on Periscope this morning (T_Burrows) or Tim Burrows  I'll be sharing two great tips to help you with your Periscope Presence this morning. See you at 8:30 am on Periscope.  
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