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Christopher Bedford
They call me Hadouken because I'm down right fierce!
They call me Hadouken because I'm down right fierce!


I’m looking for a good introductory adventure suitable for a solo player, running maybe one or two characters. I finally pulled the trigger on ordering the core rules, and I want to hit the ground running with the game. We can make mistakes, and figure it out as we go. I’ve actually sort of burned myself out on a couple games in the past by being far too concerned about knowing everything before we start.

At the moment I only have one definite player, and a couple half heartedly interested types. So we’d likely start just the two of us, and figure out more people once we can speak to what we’ve done with the game so far.

Any suggestions for a nicely scaleable intro scenario?

I know the setting is predominantly science fiction, but ultimately influenced by real world cultures. What cultures have you or should you research to best enhance the flavor of the game?

I’m talking food, clothing, architecture, and entertainment. Any good links or book suggestions out there?

Hey everyone, my delivery for the core rules, card deck, and Dying Ship should be on my doorstep when I get home today. So I find myself at work completely distracted by the pdf on my tablet and pondering all sorts of adventure ideas.

I am curious, I’ve seen the smaller PDFs on Modiphius’ website, probably buying them tonight, but are there any larger supplements in the works?

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WIP of a Whisper. Slowly working on my inking skills.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the original backers who were so accepting of letting us latecomers in on the special edition via Backerkit. I watched the kickstarter and my bank account with equal intensity and couldn't manage to get my pledge in. I'm holding the book and feeling rather grateful for a game that fires up my urge to play as much as Paranoia XP did many years ago.

Thanks to all who create and/or helped make this happen!

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Checking out the new book! Hellboy's face here mirrors my own. Also, love the two red ribbon bookmarks. Very nice bonus! Thanks for this! Made my night! Plus just noticed my lampshade is leaning pretty badly...

This book is hands down the coolest tabletop role playing product I've ever purchased. Time to put it to good, careful use! :D

What's the official word on books 4 and 5? Will they be available as PDFs for non-backers like myself? Loving the books so far, already hungry for more! :D

Finished Dishonored today on Very Hard, with no powers beyond basic blink, without being seen, while not killing anyone. Super fun, but all the toys for taking bloody revenge were tainting me the whole time.

Immediately started a second run for full chaos!

Anyone else gearing up for Dishonored 2 this Thursday/Friday?

On a side BitD note: The Fugue Feast, mentioned in a book in Lady Emily's room, seems like a cool place to start a season of Blades. Time outside the calendar. Debauchery and revelry.

Has anyone done a BitD re-skin using The Warriors as inspiration? I have an itch to rename the skirmish action to "rumble" among other things.

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