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Elijah Ramose Emmanu'El
Sovereign Voice - The Ascension Movement Continues!
Sovereign Voice - The Ascension Movement Continues!

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Titled: Placebo Effect
By Allah Amun-Ra Elohim

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By Allah Amun-Ra Elohim

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Latest episode of the Sovereign Voice Radio Show:
Unifying humanity through divine consciousness 
07/23 by Sovereign Voice "aka" Allah Amun-Ra Elohim 

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God-realized: by Allah Amun-Ra Elohim

Some people believe that God created man  
so that ultimately man could come to know God. 

Others believe that man created the idea of God 
so that man could ultimately claim to speak for God. 
Nevertheless man’s divinity 
has always been an ancient mystery 
and therefore often debated throughout history. 

But I personally believe 
that God is love therefore 
is manifested through empathy 
and glorified through humility.  

And synchronicity 
is only the conscious mind’s ability, 
to strategically connect humanity 
to every event within reality. 

Plus I honestly don't believe in a trinity 
but wow how amazing would it be 
if we all acknowledged our divinity. 

But instead we’re trapped in a world 
of make believe because it’s all based 
on what we perceive. 

What I mean is, 
what we perceive as real life 
is really only a form of reality  
trapped within parentheses  
floating through eternity. 

So the ancient question remains 
did God create man or did man create God? 
Only time will tell, if we ever decide. 

But I find no need for assuming 
what has already been proven. 

We are God-realized. 

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Sovereignty and all its glory
tomorrow at 6:00 pm  Reminder   
Call in to speak with the host (914) 205-5537 

Dear Beloveit,

This episode is all about Sovereignty and the Divine right to self-governance.

Thank you for your time and blessed be the Divine.

Peace and Love Family

Today 7/4/14 - 6 pm  E/T
Sovereign Voice Radio - Opening Up Lines of Connection
The number to call: (914) 205-5537
I hope to hear from you soon 

Dear Beloveit, You know what this Radio Show is all about so I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and blessed be the Divine. Peace and Love Family. Sincerely, Sovereign Voice

SovereignVoice‏@InDaDiviniTrust 2m …

7/4/2014 6:00 PM Sovereign Voice Radio - "Opening Up Lines of Connection" Number to call in: (914) 205-5537

Sovereign Voice Radio
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REAL TALK LIVE - Building A Better Tomorrow Through Discussion And Insight

 Call in to speak with the host - (914) 205-5537

The slogan of the Sovereign Voice Radio Show is: "Each one Teach one" - For in order to build anything, one must first start with communicate; in order, to reach and achieve a common goal. 

The topic's we will discuss on this episode and future episodes, will include many diverse and even at times taboo subjects but this show will comfront each topic with an open-mind and a clear desire to learn.

So please join me, in the building of a better tomorrow.

Peace and Love Family.

Sincerely, Sovereign Voice

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My name is Shaun Taylor and I am the creator and founder of the "Sovereign Voice Movement and Sovereign Voice Inc"  and I am alternative media reporter, blogger, entrepreneur, radio talk show host and I also host two alternative media youtube channels among other things.

My mission is to expose the world to liberty, freedom and peace through knowledge, insight and self-expression. I am here today to promote my Sovereign Voice Inc online clothing store. If you wish to support the Sovereign Voice Movement then please feel free to visit and purchase from my online store; as will as, follow subscribe or join the Sovereign Voice Movement in any way you choose.

Sovereign Voice Inc also accepts donations so if you wish to donate to the case please visit my Sovereign Voice Inc FB page. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Peace and Love Family. 

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