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| Installation | Passage/s
Walking through Do Ho Suh's delicate chromatic passageway, I am drawn to its translucence. The white walls of the gallery, daylight punctured with spotlights, all dilate the hues as I make my way through. I am moved by the devotion to detail revealed in the...

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| Table Top | My Winter Essentials
Sorry for the silence friends. I've been battling the flu, whilst battling teething pains with our little one, whilst chasing away them winter-induced blues that make me want to hide till the sun grows a little warmer and shines a little longer.  Till then,...

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| Abandoned | Till Rot Brings It Down
With eyes enlarged and hearts inflated we stepped into the grounds of this abandoned mansion. Broken and empty, windows dilated in despair. A silent lion molders in the thicket. A naked woman petrified, eyes forever fixed to the heavens. Scars on the front ...

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Polepole Means Slow
"Polepole" means slow in Swahili.  Polepole is how I've started 2017. S l o w l y. We welcomed in the New Year in Japan, muffled in the balmy warmth of family life. No mad parties. No hangovers. Just beautiful food, smiles and sincere appreciation.  Every N...

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| Thoughts | Wild Child
I overheard a mother describe the mud splattered leaves that her toddler was gleefully tottering through only moments before as 'dirty'. He promptly fell into the pile of leaves and the mum, faster than lightning, picked him up, whipped out a tissue and beg...

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| Open House Dreaming | Architect's Homes
I love open house events, and particularly relish the idea of taking a goodnatured snoop around the homes that master architects built for themselves.  So much so, that I've been daydreaming up a little list of homes that I so love to see.  Perhaps I would ...

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| What I Saw | 1
Remember how blogging used to be before it became a spinning reeling money making machine? Remember when bloggers would blog for the love of blogging? For the passion of sharing sights and stories that moved us in someway. Maybe I have rose-tinted the shit ...

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| Explore | London's Lost Village
"It is not easy to get there. Even the people who live within a mile of it - the people in the noisy, crowded East India dock - have never heard of it." Evening News, 1930.  Trinity Buoy Wharf is definitely one of our favourite areas of London. During the s...

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| Explore | Beautiful Decay
Trudging through the City on my way to the 'job that pays the bills ', I must have walked passed this installation many times. I am disappointed in myself, as I am usually more observant and I would have liked to have seen it in its fresher stages. That sai...

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Flat White Conflict
I enjoy a well made flat white as one of my little luxuries in life. But lately,  even the best of them has been leaving a sour taste in my heart. Not the fault of any barista, roaster or blend. The sourness comes from a conflict brewing in my conscience th...
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