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Lisa Lawler
I am a white collar crime family advocate/activist/writer/speaker/mentor.
I am a white collar crime family advocate/activist/writer/speaker/mentor.
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"Desperately seeking Susan" continues to fight for her place on the mean streets in a world where there seems to be no care for the aging and homeless. Innocent spouses are too often left destitute with no place to go and few resources to help them recover.

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Desperately Seeking Susan Continues....
White Collar Wives and Their Criminal Husbands      As summer winds to it's end so goes the long journey for Susan's quest for any kind of recognizable stability. I was so relieved when Susan surfaced a few weeks ago as it meant she was still here, still fi...

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White Collar Wives and Their Criminal Husbands
What do you get when you cross a devoted wife with a white collar criminal husband? Stay tuned. Summer break is nearly at an end....

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Final Exit: A White Collar Wife's Surrender
          DESPERATLEY SEEKING SUSAN     In this, my final blog before my summer break, I want to tell you about a woman I mentored for a short time this past year. She, like all other white collar wives, was blindsided by her husband's crime and eventual in...

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"Ther Personal is the Political"
      When mechanisms begin to stop functioning properly they either make a noise that begs attention or they simply shut down and stop working.  It's been proven time and again that the squeaky wheel is usually first in line to get the fix.  Social activis...

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This is a re-post of one of my most widely read blogs. This essay brings to light the utter devastation white collar criminals bring to their families: This is the third and final essay in a three part series written by
women from the group The Secret Live...

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White Collar Wives Seeking Savvy Attorneys
     My last blog followed up on my original post about white collar wives and divorce. It has become clear that this is the number one topic white collar wives want to talk about.  Since I posted the follow-up piece I have received many emails from women w...

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     Spring brings with it the promise of the end of the dark, cold days
of winter and the assurance for brighter and warmer days ahead.  Many white
collar wives and families live far too long in the relentless grips of a
never ending harsh winter that b...

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     In my previous essay regarding divorce and white collar wives I talked
about the emotional and moral aspect of divorcing your white collar criminal
husband.  In this essay I will talk about
the devastating financial fallout of white collar crime and...
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