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Mammal watching Namibia and South Africa
Posted by Stu A bit of a personal post this, and a link to Jon Hall’s excellent Mammal Watching pages .  This is a short report on 60 mammal species and some birds seen on our August 2016 trip to Namibia and South Africa.  The fun started quite unexpectedly...

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Java's mountain forests, and the Asian songbird crisis
Posted by Stu   I recently returned from a two week visit to Java preparing for some research we hope to get going on the island in the coming months. Much of my time was spent with Bas van Balen, a world authority on birds on the island. First, we have a g...

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Monitoring biodiversity on MMU campus
Posted by Simon Valle, Kosta Tzoulas and Stu A s part of its award-winning environmental policy, MMU ha s committed to enhancing biodiversity on its estate . A first series of exploratory 'bio blitze s' were do ne by staff, students and local experts in 201...

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A new Viper for Europe - already Endangered
Posted by Stu It is not every day that a new vertebrate is described from Europe. In a new paper published in Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research , Samuele Ghielmi and Michele Menegon ( MUSE - Museo delle Scienze, Trento ), Lorenzo L...

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Better forest simply means more frugivores
Posted by Stu   We think our paper, just published in Forest Ecology & Management , has quite an important message, and one that should be encouraging, even in an archipelago with so little forest remaining and so many threatened species. The study was part...

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Wildfowl demography research - golden goose or lame duck?
Posted by Beth Roberts and Stu   The identification of research biases is vital in order to stem the current rate of biodiversity loss. Such identification will help to focus future research, thereby maximising its impact. In our new paper, just published i...

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Pomona Island: ducks, docks and urban greenspace
Posted by Stu and James Walsh In this post published on Earth Day 2016, Stu and James Walsh, Mancunian birder and e colog ist,
talk about the past, present and future of Pomona Island – a small
patch of Open Mosaic Habitat nestled in a sea of redevelopmen...

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Pomona island & Woodberry Wetlands - very different futures
In this post, Stu and James Walsh, Mancunian birder and environmentalist, talk about the past, present and future of Pomona Island – a small patch of Open Mosaic Habitat nestled in a sea of redevelopment at Salford Docks. The island may be small, but has a ...

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Philippines protected areas protecting?
Posted by Stu and Aldrin Mallari In a paper published in the April issue of the journal Ambio , Aldrin Mallari, Nigel Collar, Phil McGowan and Stu look critically at placement and management of protected areas in the Philippines – and ask whether they are d...

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Parrots International Symposium, and Intervales birds
 Posted by Stu In November, I visited Brazil for the first time in more than ten years. My principal reason for the visit was to speak at the ninth Parrots International Symposium, in Campo Grande. Parrots International (PI) is a US-based NGO, founded by Ma...
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