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.one way to picque my interest in football.
48 designers put their design to good use on football helmets. amazing. .helmet happy. xxo, dany

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.why don't you.....buck conventional gift wrap?.
belated christmas presents deserve a little more tlc...and that for me comes in the form of magazine editorial pages reused as gift wrap. who doesn't want a present wrapped with pool-side furried monsters? xxo, dany

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.inspire me, 2014.
i want to live, travel, paint, love & see more in the most vibrant colors possible. xxo, dany

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.miuccia nails it again.
yet another of many, many reasons why i love miuccia prada. she decided to pick cameron russell (ie. tedtalk's speaker on smart is sexier) for her new campaign. totally cool. xxo, dany

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.monday inspirations.
on my desk, some boots and side project drawings. it's going to be a good week for ideas, i can feel it. happy monday everyone! xxo, dany

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.michelle lamy is 1,600 years old.
a remarkably interesting woman, wife and muse to designer rick owens. her interview and resume is incredible...and inspiring. 'As a friend and longtime employee at her Hollywood hotspot Les Deux
Cafés, I have, at various times over the last decade, heard a...

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.on the eve of isabel's marant collaboration of h&m.
tomorrow's the debut, hopefully some of her high street collection with h&m mirrors the below. xxo, dany

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.louboutin's nude commune.
christian louboutin's newly released nude shoe collection is incredible chic and smart. the principle we apply as women to lipstick, blush, foundations and pantyhose has finally been applied to heels.'s so fun to be a girl. xxo, dany
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