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Gwen Whiting
Author (SF&F) - My new novel, The Universal Mirror, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's.
Author (SF&F) - My new novel, The Universal Mirror, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's.

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Vote for short films online at this website. A friend of mine is working to produce her book as a movie--see the trailer below.

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Here's my schedule for Worldcon--looking forward to these panels.

The new and improved version of my book is available for preorder!

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Awesome game kickstarting this Sunday!  
Do we have your attention now?

Standing 120mm stall on the Torn Armor battlefield: A Maychian Kerrosus Behemoth Assault unit, complete with 5 Mu riders (2 handlers, one slinger, two on manning Hwacha siege weaponry.)

Torn Armor is Kickstarting on Sunday 3/3

This unit will be unlocked when we hit the 100k funding level and will be available as an add-on.

Watch for news on how to snag the kickstarter limited edition only version!

~ Alyssa
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The kick-ass Part Two of +Alyssa Faden's interview with +John Rossomangno. FANTASTIC interview and article.

While the first focused primarily on the Torn World as a whole, this one focus more on the +Torn Armor game set to launch on Kickstarter on 3/3/13 (less than two weeks away!)

Keep your eyes peeled!  Even if you aren't that into board games, please help out by spreading the word about Torn Armor!

And sorry to disappoint guys, but Diaz is taking GSP down!

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If you're curious about how games are made, Dangerous Games is starting a series of posts about the inception and creation of Torn Armor, a strategy game.  Well worth the read!

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