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Richard Parkes
wellspotted if you found me....
wellspotted if you found me....

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Good Morning Google Friends
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

Have a Marvellous Monday

here are my four thoughts for today

1) Dp not be afraid to make a mistake
2) Do not be afraid to say I do not know!
3) Do not be afraid to say i need help
4) Do not be afraid ti say I am sorry

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­čÜĘover $17,000 in one day with FutureNet­čÜĘ

Not my results as much as I would like to say they were - smiles

This example from Mr BitCoin shows ..the potential of this company is Mega and people are having life changing success just in the matrix alone.

FutureNets results are why I believe in it so much.´╗┐

Good Morning Google Friends
Have a Fantastic Friday

my three thoughts on this fabulous day

1) Do not expect life to be fair
2) Practice empathy! Try to see things from the other persons point of view
3) Judge your success by the amount that your enjoying peace, health and love´╗┐

Good morning Google Friends
Have a Terrific Turbo Charged Thursday

here are my three thoughts for today

1) Have impeccable manners especially infant of young children
2) Always Keep your promises
3) Do not be deceived by first impressions´╗┐

Good Morning Google friends
Have a Wonderful Wednesday

Here are my three thoughts for today....

1) Do business with people who do business with you.
2) Know when to keep silent
3) Know when to speak up´╗┐

Good Morning Google Friends
Have a Terrific Tuesday

Its snowing here - smiles

My three thoughts for today

1) Do not allow the phone to interrupt important moments. It is there for your convenience not the caller.

2) Praise in Public.

3( Criticise in Private´╗┐

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Are you aware that Probate charges are going up at the beginning of May!

If you do not wish your executors to go through Probate which can take several months whilst they are waiting for banks to respond to correspondence requesting final balances in order to complete the statement of accounts for probate - and other institutions who take an age ( six months on the first experience and five months on the second)

Why not organise a Trust - No probate required...

Technically, they will be owned by the trustee for the benefit of the beneficiary -- himself -- or later beneficiaries. Because he doesn't personally own this property, probate is not required to transfer ownership to other individuals when he/she dies

If you would like to know more about trusts - then please private message me´╗┐

Good Morning Google Friends
Have a Great Excellent Easter Monday

My three thoughts for today...

1) Learn to Listen - Sometimes opportunity knocks very softly...
2) Never take action when your angry
3) Be insatiably curious. Ask "WHY" a lot...´╗┐

hello Google friends

Have an Exhilarating Easter Sunday

my three thoughts for today

1) Just to see how it feels, for the next 24 hours refrain from criticising anybody or anyone.
2) Take charge of your attitude - do not let anyone else choose it for you
3)Pay attention to details´╗┐
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