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We help business "get IT" online
We help business "get IT" online

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Please follow our new Google+ page here:
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Google Sites permissions and sharing.
Control who can view or edit your Google Sites
Change the sharing settings on your site by logging in to your site, clicking the "More" drop-down...then selecting "Sharing and Permissions".

More here:

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What's Your GEO-Rank? #seo #marketing #smb

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How social media killed iGoogle

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Meet Google's New Nexus 5 Phone and KitKat

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Google's social network sees 58% jump in users.

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Google Is Far From Losing the War Over Social

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Question, does a website rank better if it has a lot of indexed pages? Watch Google's Matt Cutts answer here:

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Mozilla’s Lightbeam lets users visualize how sites are tracking them and why.

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How to Improve Your Klout Score — and Why You Should Bother
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