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Alanna Coca
Romance author, AKA Olivia Brynn
Romance author, AKA Olivia Brynn

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My G+ page looks like it's just a summary of my blog. Sorry I'm never here posting interesting things! So here's my annual visit to G+. And it's still not anything interesting.

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Please consider backing this Kickstarter: Warka Water captures potable water from the air by collecting rain, harvesting fog and dew for rural communities in Ethiopia.

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#JeffWeCan! Don't be a maybe, Marlboro!

Soooo yeah Plussers. I'm still alive. I guess I should pop in more often than every four months though...

It seems like every time I venture over here (which is admittedly not often) G+ has changed.!

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My soccer-playing daughter played her last game. I'm no longer a soccer mom. I'm gonna miss it! Except the cold weather. And wind. And rain. And mean soccer moms....

So sorry I'm not a good Plusser. I don't even know if Plusser is the word, that's how out of it I am. 

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