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No Winner!
My novelty veg for the Prestatyn Flower Show look more like friggin wombles than penguins ! I've only just realised however, that the class is not novelty vegetable but MONSTER vegetable!  Hey ho I had to laugh, as after I had placed my two entries into the...

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Bad Habits
I'm late blogging today. It's my sister's Flower Show tomorrow ( she holds a rather large and grander fete-like show in Prestatyn over two days) and I have been preparing my exhibits as well as cooking turkey meatballs and a large ginger cake! A delivery lo...

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If you said to me what my cinematic memory I have of the depiction of the wartime evacuation of Dunkirk, I would tell you the shock machine gunning of Bernard Lee through the back of his dufflecoat on a French Beach would feature high on my list. So it is w...

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One Of My Flip-Flops Is Missing!
lt's been a showery morning so I left my wet flip flops by the front door and busied myself with making boiled fruit cakes, a coffee cake and a low cal tikka masala curry from scratch! Terence from the Flower Show Committee and I have gone head to head with...

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We took the dogs ( minus Winnie ) up the Gop at sunset. Not much to report so I shall leave you with this summer happy song

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Matilda & Angel
It was 1987 and it was winter night filled with snow in York. I was transferred to take charge of an elderly ward as staffing was dire. I was a junior staff nurse supported by two support workers. The support workers were two Jamaican ladies of mature years...

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Wild Flowers
The Flower Show Committee has shown an interest in taking over the care of the village Flower beds. Having said this some bright spark has planted  out two with wild and cottage flowers this year and the results, are rather beautiful. 

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Carrot Goldfish On A Sunday Night
Sunday night and no nursing shift to contend with as per!  We have spent most of the afternoon titivating the back garden as it has been entered into the " ornamental" class of the Garden section of the Show. Our old teddy boy judge Mr Butler will judge the...

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Dream Kitchen
I'm 55 and have never had a kitchen I could be proud of!  Finally , at retirement I have been just given the green light to " sort it"  We are going to have a new kitchen!!!!!!..with a floor ! With 1940s cupboards, with a ceramic sink under the window and w...

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A Call To Arms
It's a sad fact that whilst calls to Samaritans are on the up ( and considerably on the up since the introduction of it's freephone number 116123!) the number of volunteers the organisization has to deal with calls from the suicidal, the distressed, the unh...
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