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Reminder: Weby Has Moved

Weby's profile has moved to a Google Sites page. To continue following, visit the new page here.

Weby's Profile Is Shutting Down and Moving To A Google + Page

If you want to continue to follow, visit the new Page. Followers can't be added to the new Page until circled first. You will have to add me first.

Where is the new Page?
The new Page is located here.

Why the move?
The move is for practical reasons. First, it may be a matter of time before Google shuts down my profile for using an inappropriate name. Second, I want my personal profile back to use for personal matters.

When will this profile move?
The change is happening now but will take some time and will include copying over some of the posts from this profile to the new Page. 

What will change?
Maybe but only to improve it. Posts will continue to focus on Google Sites topics and topics readers want to know about. Is there a topic you want to know about? Contact me. If I don't have an answer, I'll research it and learn about it, too.

I hope to see you at the new Page. 


Learn from the "Set Up" mistakes of others how to set up a more professional looking Google Sites website. Comments are welcome.

Read the article here. set up mistakes | sitessostemplates
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