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Bohemian Room Redo
Hey looks like my room got a makeover! I am so happy about our new room. I love the entire vibe it has, and i am so excited  to finally show you guys. "P.S. I will try to list items and links below at the end of the post."  Okay well this is an overview of ...

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A New Year
Hey I know it's a little late because we are already a few weeks into the new year. But even so I thought I would put out some goals and tips to help this year go a little smother. Cause let's face it every time New Years rolls around we get all excited to ...

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What I Got For Christmas 2015
Hey Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season. I thought i would do a what i got for Christmas post because those are my favorite posts of the year i would have to say. Let me just put it out there that i am in no way bragging at all. Th...

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Tis The Season
 Happy Holidays Everyone! It's almost Christmas so here's a little day in my life Christmas edition :) We made some Christmas cookies with the family, and boy did they taste good. And it's not Christmas at our house without the red velvet cupcakes. Just a f...

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How To: Starbucks Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Hey guys! I have been loving the pumpkin sugar cookie at Starbucks so i thought i would try to make it. Now they didn't look the best, they looked quite horrible actually, but oh my goodness did they taste amazing! So of course i had to share this recipe wi...

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The Truth About Broken Hearts
Do you remember as a kid you would dream of your Fairytale moment, where your true love would sweep you off your feet and you would live happily ever after. Come on we've all had those dreams, but you never really dreamt about the part before your true love...

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A Day Out On The Town
I decided to head out and spend the day on the town and have some fun. So i thought i would show you guys what i did today. Lets get started. First off i had to stop at whole foods because i needed a few things and this is by far my favorite grocery store. ...

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How to keep a healthy glow
Hello my lovelies i hope you are having a wonderful day, today's post is about how you can keep that beautiful summer glow all year round. I recently was checking out ALOHA and noticed that they have a lot of very good healthy recipes that can help keep you...

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Falling back into blogging
Hey guys! Oh my goodness it's been a long time, I have been off the blog all summer! :( Summer time is always the busiest time of year for me between all the plays i am in, traveling and basically the lazy summer vibe likes to get in the way. Since fall is ...

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Makeup swap with Brittany Fenton
Hey Guys! I have a special post for you guys today i hope you all remember Brittany from  i did a collab with her a few weeks ago. Well we are here with another collab we did a makeup swap. She sent me a few products and...
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