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I installed Android5.1_NXCM_R3.0_MotoX2014 on my XT1095. But now it won't connect to mobile data. Any ideas about what I should do? Also, if there's a better place for me to post about this (Github issue or something?) let me know.

Merge a fetch & into request?

I was wondering if this is already possible, and if not how difficult it might be to add.

I have an "infinite scrolling" style view pager that shows user profiles. On each profile page is relatively large (say 500x500 pixels on a Nexus 4) image of the user. As the user approaches the end of the already loaded profiles, I make a request for an additional set of profiles. When I receive the additional profiles, I go through and use Picasso to *fetch* the images for all the users I just downloaded.

Then, when the user swipes into the new set of users I use Picasso like normal to load the images *into* a Target. Hopefully they should now be cached either in memory or on disk, so this is fast.

I don't fully understand the internals -- but it seems like if the user gets to new profiles before the fetch has completed, a new request is made instead of piggy backing off of the (probably nearly completed) fetch request.

So my question: is there any way to "merge" the *fetch* and *into* requests so that the prefetching doesn't get dropped on the floor?

By the way, does this question make any sense or is there a better way to achieve what I'm looking for?

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One of those great This American Life podcasts. Makes me wanna give them money (again).
The more light we can shine on this broken patent system, the better. Software patents suck.
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