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Free JuiceSSH Pro Upgrades all weekend!

JuiceSSH has just hit 500,000 users and to celebrate we're giving away free upgrades to our Pro pack.

Just visit for more information and to get your upgrade!

If you haven't seen JuiceSSH already, it's a free SSH client exclusive to Android with an optional in-app purchasable pro pack that adds a load of functionality. JuiceSSH was first released a year ago, and has since grown to be the #1 SSH client on the Play Store with over 80,000 downloads a month!

Thanks again all for making the Android community such fun to get involved with - we couldn't have done it without you.
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If I already have it and request it will it detect this?  I think I paid for this... but I don't remember.
#1 rightfully so!!
now, if it had better copy and paste(preferably a menu button instead of long pressing) it would be #0. 
I have it as well... Thanks for the ping!
I was about to rage because I actually paid for it. Then I remembered just how worth it Juice is. No rage, just loving it!
Never rage about supporting great developers!
Too bad it's proprietary software. Without access to the source code, you don't know what JuiceSSH is doing with your credentials.

For all you know, the application could call home, letting others know what servers you login to, and what their usernames and passwords are.

Even more simply, you don't know if the security was implemented correctly. Lots of concerns here. I would recommend running ConnectBot instead.
Got my free upgrade! Cheers!
I just keep getting "Error: Please try again later" please help +JuiceSSH 
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