Another strange experiment. Coming from me though...Typical.
 I was cleaning up my shop and ran across a small propeller and attached it to a motor. I was amazed such a small prop had lots of pulling power and decided to do some testing to find out how much.
I had already went through my "flying craft" craze years ago and wanted to try something different, so I made this rig. Turns out it was fun...lots of fun.. and I continued to make it into what is shown here.
 I guess you really can't call this flying, but it is propelled by the thrust from a motor/prop, and with the addition of a servo to control "altitude" it feels sorta like flying. Dangerous flying..
The tether is a thin piece of music wire that I had(wished it was longer!) and as the craft gains speed it forces the servo to center(the servo is unpowered until the receiver sends a signal) due to centrifugal force. So altitude is either the servo pushing the rod tether up or back down against the centrifugal force acting on it. 
 I want to slow the  prop speed range a bit more as the thing is just going crazy fast(working on that). I also plan to add to the craft itself, including landing gear and some details to make it look a bit more "craft like". I set up a small foam cutter to cut nice rings out of Styrofoam to make the fan shroud. I have made many of these before, but this one just cuts these for now.
 I am going to put the craft on a longer rod to make things more fun, and make some more engine prop combinations, the thing is just so fun to play with and watch I can't help but make more modifications with it.
 The valuable lesson I learned quickly-Make sure all electronics are mounted in their upright and locked positions before take off....Lest you get smacked in the face with flying loose parts.
 I mounted everything to rotate atop the bearing to simplify the power and gear connections so as not need rotating sleeves etc. to transfer signal/power to the craft.
 This is a fun thing to make and play with...and a genuine timewaster. I have killed off hours just playing with it.......
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