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Angry birds is taking forever to load here!

After using Safari in Lion for about two weeks, I think I am going to ditch Chrome, even though the 14 beta now has full screen native support with hiding scrollbars. It still doesn't do the double tap zoom or the three tap definition from the built-in dictionary.

I like mail. Fan mail.

[ImmatureWisdom] I respect honesty. A cold lie, I can bear; an omission of truth, I cannot.

[ImmatureWisdom] What is old may not be always right; but what is right is mostly found in what is old.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

An old Tibetan adage.

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One of the best TED Talks I've seen. Ever.

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Standing all day and using a computer is such a pain in the area just above the butt!
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