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Judi Sohn
Nonprofit tech loving geekmom who can knit a mean cable sweater
Nonprofit tech loving geekmom who can knit a mean cable sweater

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I blogged about yesterday's Google Groups issue. While this story has a happy ending (thanks again +Thomas Taylor and +Nathan Williams) I do think there are bigger issues here around Google and how they support their services that needs to be addressed.

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+Nathan Williams This is what I'm talking about. First image is after switching to old UI (same happens in new UI). It's there. It knows I'm a manager because of the "manage" link but when I click on name of group or manage link, I get the 2nd image. So appreciate any help you could provide or connect me to...very frustrating. This is a 1700+ member group. Although now I'm curious who managed to have the one web view in the last 2 hours. Every user I know has reported the same problem.
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I desperately need to find someone at +Google who can fix a broken 1700 member Google Group. It's something specifically wrong with the group that needs human eyes to fix. Nothing that can be solved by reading generic help topics. Anyone know anyone? Help!

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All I can say is AMEN!

**The problem is a cultural one: Samsung considers its relationship with the consumer to be concluded the moment the sale is completed. Whereas Apple, Microsoft, and other software vendors have learned the value of supporting current users in the hope of enticing new ones, Samsung's attitude remains deeply rooted in its history as a hardware manufacturer. It sees production and R&D costs in one column and it tries to balance them against sales revenue in the other, never raising its gaze to the long-term consideration of whether anyone would come back for a repeat purchase.

People stand in line for the new iPhone because they believe Apple cares. If Samsung wants to start competing with those lines instead of just making fun of them, it had better start caring too.**

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Good stuff from +William Nourse. I see the potential of Chatter, but I haven't seen a lot of nonprofits making effective use of it. Will be interesting to see how this evolves for them.

I have my iPhone 4S. Turns out, my teenager loved the Samsung Infuse and picked up Android easily, quirks and all. So we worked it out that I would take her upgrade and she took my old phone and will pay the difference in the data plan out of her Bat Mitzvah money/her allowance. She's happy. I'm happy (as happy as one can be having spent a few hundred dollars I probably didn't to spend). All good in the end.

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One more advantage I didn't think of in going back to iOS: I can go back to The Hit List as my primary task management app. There's no Android app for it so I jumped around from Remember the Milk, Toodledoo, and Producteev over the past 4 months and couldn't quite find the right fit.

Only downside: the developer disappears for months or years at a time. Few updates, spotty support. So if this breaks tomorrow, forget it. But at least for now, I'm back on track.

It's done. It's like my detour into Android never happened. I upgraded my old iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.0.1 and I found that all the things that nagged me still nagged me. And the older hardware is a bit pokey at times. But overall, I'd rather use iOS 5.0.1 on older hardware that Android 2.2 on newer hardware. Going iPhone was a safer bet until I can convince AT&T to let me upgrade. Sure, I want an 4S but I can't justify spending $700 to get it now. So a quick trip to the AT&T store for SIM swap and it's done.

My lesson learned: The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's just a different shade of brown in spots.

Had another conversation with AT&T yesterday. They won't let me do a straight upgrade after 3 months, even though the woman I spoke to said she wanted to allow it as did her immediate supervisor (we love and value our loyal customers, yadda yadda). So that door is closed.

She recommended I do a cross upgrade. Basically, add another line to my account (I already have 5, what's one more?) and then they can do some kind of switcheroo to move my phone number to the new phone and put the new number on the Android and only pay data on one. That way I'd pay the regular $200 for the phone (I'd only get the 16GB model) and then an extra $9.99/month until the contact on the Android ends and I can dump it off completely. Cheaper than a no-commitment phone overall by about $200 or so bucks.

edit: and I think I now realize that I can't do it because I'm already at the maximum number of lines for a family plan - looks like I'll have to figure out something else. Bummer.

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I tried.
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