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Pretty well researched (I checked) article on how our compete lack of foresight will further continue to kill us. I wonder which man-made catastrophe will be the one to ultimately kill off our horrible species.
Via +James Graham

The reports about tests on human beings that are being routinely carried out by certain Western corporations have become a sort of a trend these days.

Among others, one can recall the story about the long struggle between civil authorities of various states and the US chemical giant Monsanto that was provoked by researches in the potential dangers of GMO products and the Monsanto-produced herbicide Roundup in particular.

The actual damage inflicted on the agricultural business of various states is yet to be carefully assessed, but even at this stage it safe to say that Monsanto’s expansion to India and surrounding markets resulted in deaths of thousands of people.

However, in the nearest future, the planet could face yet another “monster” that was bred deep inside US corporate laboratories.

We are talking about the first synthetic bacteria – Cynthia, created “to combat oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico” which, according to the various reports that are often ignored by the corporate media, has mutated and started attacking animals and humans.

Now this highly lethal microorganism is on its way to Europe.

One could recall that back in April 2010 an explosion at the British Petroleum oil rig resulted in millions of barrels of oil contaminating the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the drastic measures taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe, an oil slick produced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill covered over sixty thousand square miles.

As one of the means of addressing the environmental catastrophe on their hands, Washington’s authorities decided to take drastic measures, regardless of the possible consequences of those actions.

It was at that time when an artificially created microorganism nicknamed Cynthia was unleashed, without any kind of examination of the possible threat it may pose to the environment.

Cynthia is the brainchild of the J. Craig Venter Institute that was engaged in genetic engineering experiments since the beginning of the XXI century and Synthetic Genomics Inc, that was created and funded directly by BP.

It was believed that Cynthia feeds on oil, but it turns out now that it is equally willing to consume all forms of organic life as well…

In 2011, Cynthia was unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico and at initial stages of its life it was absorbing oil slicks with a breathtaking speed.

In January, 2011 the Register reported that that scientists were particularly impressed by the speed with which the bacteria was eating up its “meal”. []

But then this bacteria mutated and soon it was feeding on organic lifeforms. Strange reports started coming from the US, like five thousand birds falling victims of an “unknown disease” in Arkansas, or more that a hundred thousand of dead fish found off the coast of North Louisiana.

It was also reported that a total of 128 British Petroleum employees that participated in the liquidation of the oil slick were struck by some mysterious illness.

According to various sources they were forbidden to seek relief in public hospitals, to prevent them from talking to anyone about what has happened to them…

Soon it was recorded that the disease and the symptoms that were now associated with the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico started spreading to the continental United States ( – for example, people who were caught by heavy rains that came from the Gulf of Mexico were also exposed to it. []

In fact, such disturbing reports have become pretty common, in spite of the restrictive measures taken by the US government to prevent this information from spreading. []

In particular, it’s been reported that certain individuals that were misfortunate enough to take take a swim the Gulf of Mexico often found themselves covered with itching sores only to die in agony a few days later due to extensive internal bleeding. []

According to media reports, a person can become Cynthia’s victim in two cases: if it penetrated the skin barrier through a wound or if he was unfortunate enough to eat raw seafood infected by this bacteria.

Once the bacteria is in the system, it penetrates into the layer between the skin and muscles and starts producing a toxin that disrupts tissues.

It is known that Cynthia is capable of reproducing itself pretty rapidly in the infected cells, and that is immune to antibiotics.

According to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), up to 40% of the residents of the territories adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico hav become infected with severe respiratory and skin diseases, and one in fourth resident is planning to pack up and leave in the nearest future.

Still, Washington has been pretty determined to mute these reports by announcing that the growing death toll can be attributed to some “unknown virus.”

At the same time, we’ve been witnessing disturbing reports that Cynthia has started spreading to different regions of the world, since the mass death of seals in Alaska, near the town of Barrow, was accompanied by skin lesions and extensive damage to internal organs of the deceased animals.

At the rate the bacteria is spreading together with the Gulf Stream is putting Europe at risk. []

What can the consequences of this voyage be if the reports about high lethality among those infected with the bacteria are to be proven right – one can only guess …

It means that of the famous beaches of France, Italy and even Greece and Turkey are to be closed permanently.

The microscopic Cynthia can pretty much swallow the tourist industry of the Southern Europe.

What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico – is not a regional problem and the residents of this area are not the only ones at risk.

This is a problem of global proportions.

Subtle viral and bacterial signs are already beginning to appear everywhere.

The mysterious, unexplained illness affecting fish, marine mammals, animals, poultry, trees, plants arise from the synthetic genomes that transforms natural organisms and make them mutate.

However, even at the initial stage of the test trials of Cynthia many experts were pretty vocal in stressing the danger of the synthetically created living organisms.

For instance, Dr Helen Wallace the Executive Director of the British organization Genewatch that oversees researches in the field of genetics, would point out in an interview that synthetic bacteria could be dangerous. []

In turn, the Friends of the Earth movement has stressed time and time again that this scientific achievement of J. Craig Venter is a threat to the entire world, and all the researches of this institute should be put on hold.

Many environmentalists and human rights activists on the back of those disturbing reports say that the US government is not prepared to regulate this revolutionary domain of science.

An international civil society organization based in Ottawa, Canada known as the ETC Group has sounded the alarm, arguing that Venter opened a “Pandora’s box” and that an international moratorium on the development in the field of synthetic biology in private laboratories must be introduced immediately, since such researches may pose a threat to all life on the planet.

So what are we witnessing here if not the manifestation of Washington’s secretive policy on the development of new types of biological weapons?

The US has been hard at work on the weakening of the international norm that prohibits the development of biological weapons, while building up its own military biological infrastructure, creating a string of microbiological laboratories across the world that are being run by the Pentagon.

The activities of such laboratories are not being supervised so there’s absolutely no guarantee that a new kind of monster that can outmatch Cynthia is not being created in their depths.

Under these circumstances, there’s an urgent need to force Washington into singing the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction that it blocked unilaterally in 2001.

Moreover, there must be a verification mechanism that would guarantee that all the provisions of this convention are observed to the letter by all those who signed it.
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Monsanto need to be brought to justice for this, as well we need to find out what exactly they are doing about it
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I'm thinking Gene Ray of Time Cube fame might be the best option we have at times like these..
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The stupid Seymour Dicklogic thread crashes my Google plus app now. I no longer can enjoy the hilarity and awesomeness. I guess I have to wait for the hardback.
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#NeilArmstrong would have been 86 years old today. He was best of the best and is sorely missed. #Apollo11
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47 yrs ago WE DID IT! We landed on the moon. Pressure's off and now it’s Neil’s job to dock us with Mike Collins. #Apollo11
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Fucking uppity people. Mind your own business, or feel free to fix it on your own time/dime.
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Call To Action
Heads up everyone - The TPP has been sent to Congress for an Up or Down vote. NOW is the time to call your Representative and Senators to voice your firm opposition to the TPP. We need everyone and I mean EVERYONE to call in urge them to vote NO on the TPP. Please make the time to call. 202-225-3121
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+Ryan S I believe it was put out by animal planet. My wife had the vhs so it's a little older
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Via +Ryan A
WASHINGTON—According to a report published Thursday in the Journal Of Applied Psychology, the act of getting out of bed in the morning dramatically increases the risk of things becoming even worse.
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