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cheryl Wheeler - Don't forget the guns

Came up on the google play radio station I was listening to.. How did I  miss this song. Hilarious.

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For people interesting in system orchestration and configuration management.

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dear #openstack people.

I just read

From now on you will stop it with the cutsie naming.

the network bits will be called 'network'
the compute bits will be called 'compute'
the block storage will be called 'blockstore'
the object store will be called 'objectstore'
the authn/z bits will be called 'authenticaton'
the image storage will be called 'imagestore'

If there are other major components you need - they will named precisely based on what they are.
If you rev those pieces in major ways you will just iterate the major version number.

If you cannot cope with these rules someone is going to drop heavy things near your toes.

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Bike Friday tandem traveler xl
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6 years ago I had my first official day at red hat.... Hmmm - I wonder if that means I'm due for a laptop upgrade... :)

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From Eunice's hat shopping expedition.
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+logan vidal and +Eunice Chang somehow I think this will amuse both of you for different reasons

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Pictures of my hubway ride to #ansiblefest from Cambridge.
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Miss Chang enjoying herself at the Russell house tavern
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