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"Some people say: 'if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide.' But that puts huge trust in our leaders to do the right thing. The question should really be: if I have done nothing wrong, why is my privacy being violated?"

So, the real question is, do you completely trust your elected officials and their agents?


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Especially love the "documentation" frame. 
Software development in theory versus software development in practice. This comic may be from 2003, but it's no less relevant today!

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Ask anyone. I like to talk. I love to philosophize. With the right group of people and a wonderful cup of coffee, I'm happy to spend an hour, an evening, or even the entire night trying to solve the big questions. It's healthy for the mind, the heart, and the best relationships. 

It's unlikely you'll ever solve anything but that's never really the point. It's a great exercise that keeps you sharp for the mundane everyday things that can truly trip you up when you're on the verge of real successes.  

After seeing "Lucy," I wonder if perhaps Luc Besson feels the same way about film?

In his latest, it seems like he's proposing to answer the big (capital "B") questions about life and humanity that have been debated across many cultures for many lifetimes. On top of that he expects to wrap it in a slick stylistic package for around $10 and do it in 100 minutes or so. Oh, it should allow Scarlett Johansson an opportunity or two to show significant physical prowess. 

I think it's more surprising to NOT be a little disappointed if you thought there was going to be a real answer at the end of this visually rich but a little unfocused romp. 

This is one where you want to give in to it as much as possible and see what random thoughts it sparks in you. I doubt you'll leave with a revelation that night or even later but it might provide for an interesting perspective to work into that boring weekly process or a colorful visual or two for a day dream or presentation down the road. In any case, Scarlett had some fierce moments. 


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George Takei has some very strong opinions to share on Arizona's very foolish newly proposed law.

"It gives bigotry against us gays and lesbians a powerful and unprecedented weapon. But your mean-spirited representatives and senators know this. They also know that it is going to be struck down eventually by the courts. But they passed it anyway, just to make their hateful opinion of us crystal clear."

Let me be absolutely clear, I share and support his opinion on this matter.

I am disappointed with our legislature, I am concerned about our governor, and I will be watching those around me very closely to see which side of this issue they choose.

I have seen far too much hatred sowed, bile spouted and evil done in God's name. It is THE reason I can hold organized religion in such low regard yet so very much envy those with a strong personal faith.

Make no mistake, no decent or good person will benefit from this proposed law. No soul will be saved. No God will be honored. 

This will have far-reaching ramifications and will not be limited to the supposed Christians who authored this travesty or the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community they are so obviously targeting. 

These misguided officials simply have no idea how this will be used well beyond their petty vindictive intents.

If it is signed into law, there will be only anger and sadness and suffering. Our country will not be divided but rather cleaved into pieces at a time when we so very much need to stand as one.

There are far more important issues to address:
 - the loss of most of the honeybee population and the threat to our food supply
 - the wide and seemingly unstoppable spread of cancers everywhere
 - the poisons in our water, our food and our bodies
 - the contempt of businesses for their own customers
 - the working people who are struggling to merely survive
 - the political unrest in one country after another
 - the audacity of our own government and it's legal agents as they stomp through our bedrooms and our homes obliterating any notion of privacy

With all of that hanging over us, does it really make sense to turn on each other over the people with whom we fall in love.

#HB2153 #SB1062 #AZ #Arizona #LGBT @GeorgeTakei

It's Columbus day today, what are you really celebrating? #columbusstinks

Happy Bartolome Day!! 

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Remember when they used to say this about OUR country. (And before you ask, yes the UK told us beforehand.)

"Miranda said he felt good being back in Brazil, a country he believes will protect his rights."


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Coming up with yet another graphical language to convey the severity of yet another environmental issue is not the answer

Yes, we need public acknowledgement that there is a real problem but then we need to attempt to correct the root cause of the problem.

Perhaps instead of wrapping it in pretty colors and asking us to stay inside, you could provide us with real action to correct the problem. I.e. today is a red day set your AC 5 degrees warmer and postpone all 15 minutes or shorter errands by car to another day.

Don't worry; you'll still get to post the pretty billboard.


I've seen Drupal posts from several cities and continents and was just wondering exactly how far and wide this community reaches. If you don't mind, would you please call out the city/state and country where you're currently doing Drupal development.

Never know when the chance to move someplace new and exciting will come up and it might be nice to know the options. :)

I'll start... Yuma, Arizona, United States. 

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Saw this as a "recommended" post on my feed today. Google, I don't think you know me very well.

+Tim O'Reilly  has consistently taken a stance against DRM, his company offers regular free webinars and allows people to purchase electronic copies of their paper books at a discounted price (and that last one is essentially on the honor system; you need only enter the ISBN!)

In my book, O'Reilly as company has always been very good to developers and I think they deserve better than to have some other site give away their products for free. 

Please, don't fall prey to temptation.

Not sure whether or not y'all know about this site but it offers free IT ebooks for whatever you're interested in! Did I mention free?

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Too often unconventional ideas are easily ignored or quickly silenced. I do not feel our current financial situation allows us the luxury to let that happen.

This may not be the solution, but it is a question that must be asked. Banks are companies like any other; why shouldn't they be allowed to fail when they conduct business poorly?

Consider this my small contribution to ensuring the conversation continues... as it should.

President of Iceland explains how his country rose from the ashes of a complete economic meltdown in 2008 by pursuing completely different policies from those of the US & the rest of Europe. 
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