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I love this short! :)

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You can't really blame Eeyore for being sad all the time. I would be too if I had to nail a tail to my buttocks.

Well folks, It's official. I'm dressing up as a honey-pot to the Winnie the Pooh premier.

Ouch, my head asplode. I should probably work late, but i have a headache from thinking too hard. Mmmm, ok, im going home.

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I've never been to this place but this looks like a really sweet deal. Basically a $16 gift card for $8.

Switching from Facebook to Google+ isn't like pulling off a bandaid, it's more like amputating an arm that's festering with gangrene.

Die Facebook! Die! Maybe if i wish really really hard it will happen.

Best Google+ related quote today:
"The best thing about Google+ is that it's not Facebook." +Sarah S

Ok, im impatient with waiting for this 3rd party Facebook friend export to start working again. Thinking i will just make my own, sure it's against their terms of service but what are they going to do? Delete my account? Ha Ha.
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