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What's the 'X-Factor' in the A/B Testing Formula? (Infographic) *Great resource from Entrepreneur.

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Why Picture List Posts Are The Perfect Content Formula from the folks at BuzzSumo #contentmarketing #blogging

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Still More Top Ten Tips for Incredibly Successful Public Speaking via David Meerman Scott

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Just purchased #51ContentMarketingHacks the new eBook by Scott Aughtmon I can't wait to crack it!

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Ubergizmo: Facebook Revamps Videos For Pages.

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Entrepreneur: Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs.

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Steve Jobs And Winston Churchill Didn't Start Out As Great Speakers - Forbes *Bottom line: You, too, can be a great speaker!

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If you're involved in social invest in #SMMW15
6 Reasons You Should Attend Social Media Marketing World

By Jennifer Ballard

Are you wondering which marketing conferences you should attend?

Have you heard others talking about Social Media Marketing World, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you?

If you seek advanced social media knowledge, want to network with marketers just like you and you find San Diego, California an appealing springtime destination, then keep reading.

In this article we’ll share six unique reasons why attending Social Media Marketing World will likely be the best marketing conference you’ve ever experienced, all supported by people who’ve actually been there.  -Kim

#smmw15   #socialmediaconference  

Posting this from up in the air on a flight to Tampa. Southwest's wi-fi's working well today. #goodnews  

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Good suggestions for search engine marketers.
SEO Tip by +Phil Byrne 
- Connect with your audience
- Be natural
- Choose your keywords wisely 

#seo   #seotip   #seotips  
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