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Powerful Owl portraits
Powerful Owl ( Ninox strenua ) is
Australia’s largest owl with the Rufous Owl ( Ninox rufa ) coming a very close second in size. Now and again Powerful
Owls can be found perched in a day-time roost in a shady tree and often they
are clutching prey taken...

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Hooded Plovers
This post
has been inspired by a flock of seventeen Hooded Plovers found recently on the
beach at Sailors Grave, East Cape, in the Cape Conran Coastal Park. Hooded
Plovers are strikingly beautiful birds. Please click on photos to enlarge. Adult Hooded Plove...

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Miscellaneous photos from June and July 2017
Some photos
taken over June and July that were not relevant to recent posts have
accumulated so thought I would include them in this post of miscellaneous
birds. The photos
are in chronological order with species name and location, and for some photos,

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Double-banded Plovers – sandworm extraction
Recently on
the sand islands in Jones Bay on the Gippsland Lakes I observed Double-banded
Plovers hunting a species of sand worm. Please click on photos to enlarge. Double-banded Plovers, in non-breeding plumage, on the sand islands in Jones Bay. This Plove...

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Darter at the Snowy River Estuary
morning (2/07/17) dawned very cold with the temperature minus 5 degrees in
Bairnsdale at 6am and still minus 3.3 at 8am. At home, some distance from
Bairnsdale, where it is usually colder, it was still zero on the car’s
temperature gauge at 9.30am. P...

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White-necked Heron – Sale Common wetland
Herons ( Ardea pacifica ) are nomadic and
can be found right across Australia wherever there is water, including the arid
inland. They also have regular winter-spring movements in some regions, so are
also migrants. Following good rains across ...

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Red-kneed Dotterels
beautifully coloured Red-kneed Dotterel ( Erythrogonys
cinctus ) is confined to mainland Australia and southern new Guinea with
vagrant records in Tasmania and NZ. A nomadic shorebird, found mostly in
freshwater habitats, they turn up on the Gippsland L...

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White-faced Herons
For several
years now we have had a resident pair of White-faced Herons ( Egretta novaehollandiae (1)) and each year
they nest in a large Forest Redgum ( E
tereticornis ) on our property. The breeding season in SE Australia is
normally from September to Dec...

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Aquatic birds with lobed feet
Almost all
aquatic birds, ones that swim, have webbed feet. Just a few aquatic birds have evolved
an alternative solution to webbed feet to augment the paddle power of their
feet and these are the grebes and coots. Grebes and
coots have lobed feet, each toe...

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Freckeld Duck Lake Guyatt, Sale
For a
number of years now good numbers of the rare and threatened Freckled Duck (Sticktonetta
naevosa) have been using Lake Guyatt at Sale as a day time roost.   They are mostly nocturnal feeders, and assuming
they do not breed in East Gippsland, Lake Guyat...
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