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Anthony “Javaman” Curreri
Do or do not....There is no Try!!
Do or do not....There is no Try!!

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Hello all. Im a newbie to the rooted Tablet club. Just rooted my Asus TF300T using Kingo. I love it. I'm still running Jellybean 4.1 and Nova Launcher. (before rooting 4.2 on my device was so slow it was useless). So between Nova Launcher and being rooted I basically customized my device as much as possible.
Can anyone tell me what the advantages are of CyanogenMod over stock? And yes I have ramped up my CPU already and replaced my boot animation.

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Let's help  :)   Please share  -    Korean War Veteran, Walter Smart

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Once again the Orange County School district has their heads up their collective asses. Really? If my child participates in roller blading and gets a serious or fatal injury your inane, melon headed teachers are not responsible? AND on top of that his PE teacher has the balls to have an attitude with my wife over the phone!
I swear by all that is holy if I had the means neither of my children would ever return to your so-called schools.
You should be ashamed to call yourselves educators. 
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