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New, innovative electric high-performance engines and powertrains from Finland.
New, innovative electric high-performance engines and powertrains from Finland.

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Toroidion YLE Puoli seitsemän lähetyksessä 23.11.2016 - osuus alkaa noin 3 minuutin kohdalla.

Toroidion featured in the national YLE broadcast - the Toroidion part starting after three minutes of the video.

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Automuotoilija Pasi Pennasen mielestä jokaisella muodolla on oltava luonnollinen perustelu. Autosuunnittelun reunaehtoja ovat esimerkiksi moottorin sijainti, tuulilasin etureuna, ajoneuvon maksimipituus, ajajan lantion piste, A-pilari ja ennen kaikkea turvallisuus.

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Talouselämä: Formulatähti hyppäsi suomalaisen ihmeauton kyytiin

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Mika Salo suomalaisen sähköautoprojektin osakkaaksi

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Suomalainen sähköautoyritys saa Mika Salon tiimiinsä

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We’re really excited that Mika Salo is now joining the team!

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Last year at Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance 2015. What a great event!
3rd - 5th September 2015

The Toroidion 1MW Concept was presented at Salon Privé, very first time in the UK.

For the past nine years, Salon Privé has been the premier boutique motoring event in the UK. Salon Privé is highly exclusive and caters to collectors and enthusiasts who prefer a more intimate and engaging experience away from the glare and bustle of large car shows.
The event brings together the finest automotive and luxury brands as well as the rarest and most valuable classic cars and motorcycles, all of which will be beautifully displayed for the first time on the South Lawn of spectacular Blenheim Palace.
We enjoyed many inspiring conversations and were amazed by the number of visitors and the enthusiasm they showed for our design and engineering of the next generation of electric vehicles; the 1MW Concept.
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We have opened a little webshop at our website

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Toroidion 1MW Concept electric car and the team will be at Helsinki on the 9th September at Laakkonen Herttoniemi car dealer. Green Speed Fund will also be there.

The Finnish Toroidion 1MW Concept car and the revolutionary powertrain were launched on 2015 at Top Marques Monaco. Toroidion has gathered a lot of interest globally and the Green Speed Fund offers the smaller investors the opportunity to participate in the on going investment round
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