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T-800 parts on a 'self replicating' 3d printer.
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Nice! Where can I download this?? :)
I'll be putting it up on Thingiverse once I work out a few more issues.
I have been trying to find a printable model of this for a while, what did you design this in? If its a cad program can you upload them as well, I would like to make it animatronic with an arduino and some servos.
Yes, it is a terrible idea, and I LOVE it!
Justin, I had the same problem so I just gave in and learned blender so I could edit someone else's model for printing. Unfortunately it's still not conducive to editing for engineering purposes. I'll upload the model to thingiverse when I finish the eyes/memory chip.
awesome, any recommendations about where to learn blender? I have messed around but I don't know much about it.
I just started with some youtube tutorials and Googled every time I had a question.
quick question, what program did you use to slice this? slic3r or replicatorg? I am having some troubles with the support structure or lack there of in slic3r 0.7
Skinforge is awesome with PyPy; 15 minute slices went down to 2 minutes.
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