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What's my name? And My New Blog
     Hello everyone!  Yes, I know that my last post was one celebrating my one year anniversary of blogging, and then I didn't blog for another year after that, but I'm back now.  As of right now, I'm switching over to another blog called  Mercies Anew .  T...

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BPD24- Finale!
     Hey everyone!  I'm so glad to celebrate one year of blogging with you guys!  Thank you all for helping me out with my party! Giveaway Winners Winner of Owl Sleeping Mask-Alisha  Winner of Wristlet- Alisha  Winner of Lipgloss or Eyeshadow- Chloe Winner ...

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BPD17: Travel and Languages
Chloe of  Blooming Maiden  has had the opportunity to travel a lot in her life, and today, she wants to share with us some of her favrorite things about it. Do you enjoy traveling
and languages?  Yes, very much!!  What is your favorite
country that you've b...

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BPD12- The Best Books to Read
Hello Everyone!  My name is Sophia. I like
to read a lot, so I naturally have a lot of books. A LOT of books. I have read
many amazing ones, and most of them I don't own. But these ones I do. So here
is a pic of them: Yeah. There is The
Swift Boys and Me, S...

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Please Turn In Your Entries!
     Hey everyone!  I really need you all to get in your entries by May 21!  I have less than 10% right now and if I don't have your entries, I won't get to do the party with you all.  Please send them in!  You've had so much time!  So that this post is not...

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BeYOUtiful: No No's and Oh Yes's!
Sorry everyone... once again I didn't preschedule this post for the right time... my apologies.  It should have been up about 5 hours ago. So the set up posts for this were about  color  and  body type .  If you have not already, go ahead and determine your...

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     So the set up posts for this were about  color  and  body type .  If you have not already, go ahead and determine your coloring and body type and return back to this post.      Have you ever noticed that some things that you wear may look way better on...

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Heads Up
Hey all!  I want to say that I'm sorry about not posting the next installment for BeYOUtiful.  If you have not noticed, I have not been posting as much or as well as I should as of late.  I want to apologize, but I do want to make the statement that this bl...

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I Love Thursday... and Spring!
          Hey girls!  Are you all hoping for Spring as much as I am?!  I thought it was about time I had another I Love Thursday, since you all seem to like it so much! My new headphones, except they have a magenta-ish outlining on them and not the black or...

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BeYOUtiful: Beautifully Flawed
     *Sorry everyone, I accidentally scheduled this for the wrong day and it did not go out at it's usual time*      I like to call us humans beautifully flawed.  Why?  Because we're all beautiful and we're all imperfect.  Our flaws are what make us differe...
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