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National Coalition for the Homeless
NCH is a national coalition of individuals & organizations united by a common desire and commitment to end homelessness.
NCH is a national coalition of individuals & organizations united by a common desire and commitment to end homelessness.

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The SF Coalition has released a new report on how "Punishing the Poor" with measures that criminalize homelessness is doing more to perpetuate poverty than to help end homelessness.

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Housing IS healthcare! Proud of our Speaker, Candi, for sharing her story in this article.

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This is National Sleep Week, and while experts tout the importance of rest, people who are ‪homeless‬ struggle to get a good night's rest. #‎SleepWeek‬

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Camping Ban Proposal
Prohibiting sleeping outdoors is not a solution to homelessness. Without providing a safe place to go, cities like Miami are just forcing homeless people into their jails or out of their jurisdictions. #WarOnThePoor

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New Criminalization Report
Have we lost all sense of community? The NIMBY mindset leads to the cruel treatment of people who are in the greatest need: #WarOnThePoor

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"According to a study being released this week by the UC Berkeley School of Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, 58 California cities have
enacted hundreds of new laws since 1990 that single out or
disproportionately effect homeless people; if current trends continue, they will add more than 100 new anti-homeless laws this decade."

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Students Promoting Fairness
Students around the country are taking a pledge to be conscientious consumers this Spring Break. They will not visit Fort Lauderdale until the city lifts its cruel food-sharing ban and allows ALL of its citizens to enjoy its public spaces. Will you challenge the students in your networks to take the pledge? ‪‬  #‎SPF15

FACT SHEET: Homelessness Among Women
Great fact sheet from the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless about homelessness among females. Domestic violence, low wages, and a lack of affordable housing are all responsible for leaving women without homes.

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"What we also need are more compassionate and smart strategies to deal with people on the streets other than criminalization. This includes being able to rest or sleep when individuals and families have literally no place left to go. People experiencing homelessness should be able to access public places, like parks and sidewalks, without being targeted."

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No Second Chances
“Homelessness isn’t just about not having a home. It’s about not having opportunity. We’ve seen people who society has rejected become some of the hardest working model citizens you can imagine."  
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