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Perhaps the best LipDub of all time. #UBCMed #MedDub  

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The most magnificent feeling of scientific understanding

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I re-post anything that says Feynman on it. 

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Science fascinates me on a daily basis. This is incredible...

What is decellularization?
Decellularization is the process of removing all of the cells from an organ leaving only the extracellular matrix, the framework between the cells, intact.

In brief, the first step involves an application of specialized detergent known to be inefficient solubilized without affecting the integrity of the protein in the tissue.
Then a recombinant endonuclease is used to degrade nucleic acids .
The second step relates to ensuring decellularization is complete.
Step three is meant to preserve, protect, and hold the tissue in similar body conditions, ready to be utilized.

Know more:

In April 2011 Dr. Doris Taylor and her team at the University of Minnesota used adult human stem cells to create a human heart (see picture). This was from a heart stripped of its cells, leaving behind a tough protein skeleton known as a "ghost heart". This was then coated with adult human stem cells.

More about this:

Image via Texas Heart Institute

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Who said it's a bad idea to ride in this chilly weather?

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Impressed with this new blog created by +Stephanie Apessos & friends. Check it out! 

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Happy birthday to the man who created the Rorschach inkblot test! 

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The world is in your hand? Try holding the entire solar system
Just because I'd love to hold the Solar System in my hand =)
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