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I use this tool for my post-apocalypse game. While the game doesn't involve zombies of the AFMBE sort, you may still find it useful for your AFMBE games given similar elements of story/gaming.
This is how I start my notes for every session of my Wastelands of the Apocalypse* game. I don't always fill in everything and I try to work in ties directly to the players in the two elements sections (drives, goals, qualities, DRAWBACKS) whenever possible.

Structural Elements

Elements of the Apocalypse

Turning Point/Potential Combat
Turning Point
Warp Up

* Mad Max meets Scanners, 60 years or so after the fall of man, no one specific reason why the world ended, but rather many reasons why the world ended. Using a test version of Beyond Human with additional rules by me.

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My newest morsel for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten rpg. . . or any other zombie or apocalypse-related game

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A quick morsel I created in under an hour.
Yesterday, I worked up an outline structure for creating locations in All Flesh Must Be Eaten. The outline was posted yesterday and is considered a living documenting to be updated as I work out the kinks.

After creating the outline, I took it for a test drive and created this apartment building. I am using the apartment building as a "control" location as I develop different ways to create locations, quick locations, and adventures for AFMBE.

A link to the living document is at the start of this morsel.

Looking for fact checking for a modern AFMBE scenario. The world goes to pot and everyone tries to use their cell phone. My understanding is the system is not designed to handle the workload and will likely crash the system.

Unless the providers take the networks offline prior to crashing.

Yes/no/maybe. . . cite sources?

I'm avoiding the use of Urban Dictionary terms, mostly, in spell names for Beyond Human.

You're welcome.

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Has anyone used a recessive gene trait as a reason for the characters NOT being infected?

For example, Left 4 Dead's "green flu" oly affects those without the proper gene sequence. The required gene is inherited through the father. Without it, any exposure to the biohazard causes infection. With it, any exposure to the biohazard is not different than exposure to any other fluid not meant for consumption.

This could make planning for a long-term campaign easier for some Zombie Masters.


Here is an article on the "green flu":

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Not only do we have wall to wall gaming, but if you'd like to take a break and watch one of our 8 panels with our many special guests, we have topics to interest everyone!

Click here to get more details and add them to your schedule!

Of potential interest to some of you, occurring at Fantasy Games:

Monday, February 27th, at 6:30pm till 8:30pm. Demonstration games of the World War II Skirmish Game by Gale Force 9.

TANKS Organized Play
Mondays in March. Start time 6:30pm. Details TBA

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7:30pm CST

Creator of Dusk City Outlaws in an interview with Dan Davenport and you.

It's a fun, tabletop game with elements of both story and traditional rpgs.

It is also currently on Kickstarter.
[Q&A] #rpgnet welcomes Rodney Thompson (Dusk City Outlaws) 02/09/2017 7:30 p.m. CST!

To join:

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