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I am putting together a simple system for people with very little money, to be able to develop and contact print traditional camera film

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Villa Roquette - - offers alternative photography workshops in the South of France

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Wet Plate Workshop at VillaRoquette on October 11 and 12 2014
Villa Roquette, Wet Plate Workshop - October 2014 - By John Brewer
50 Photos - View album

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B&B and Gites at - from one day, to a lifetime, from us :)

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 An interesting week -  the announcement of Facebooks' new (new?) service, search through their social graph, looks likely to be the way decisions will be influenced, such as, where to have a coffee and where to stay (travel or vacation) 

This rather makes OTAs and Search Engines redundant from later on this year, especially as Google is ramping up its own service through G+ local and their new hotel finder (which lists our place very nicely thank you Mr Google :) ) - I bet Amazon will soon follow and Bing/Microsoft 

Wanna bet which one will bid for Airbnb? (if Priceline or HomeAway don't get it first) 

So buy Facebook stock while it is cheap cheap cheap - any bets if their shares will go over $100 within a year? 

So do you still need a good website? 

Not really, but you do need, at the very least, a strong YouTube presence, G+ page (business page) and Facebook page plus think about advertising on Amazon stores and perhaps an Ebay store (yes, for B&Bs). 

Did I mention that this is ALL mobile decision making. 


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