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Our mission is to help alternative finance companies, their employees, and their customers reach their full potential.
Our mission is to help alternative finance companies, their employees, and their customers reach their full potential.

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Read our latest blog Alternative Finance in the UK, the world's first ever in-depth report of Alternative Finance

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Hard hitting microbusinesses survey: all politicians need to rethink

Sole traders and microbusiness owners are frustrated and angry. They are 95% of the 4.9 million so-called “small businesses” in the UK, but they feel ignored and neglected by politicians of all stripes. Microbusinesses with less than 10 employees think that government policies are geared to small businesses with 10-49 employees, leaving microbusinesses out in the cold. These microbusinesses have seen no benefit from many of the government’s flagship programmes: export policies, childcare, and employment laws.

The 'Simply Britain Business Pulse Check' –a landmark survey of 2,000 sole traders and microbusinesses owners—reveals their top complaints: petrol costs, business rates and tax, red tape and utility costs.

The businesses owners believe that tax breaks, energy prices, employment laws, and environmental requirements are the areas in which changes are most likely to boost their profitability. They also want clear sign posts to where help is available to them. “More than 50% of those surveyed said that no political party understand the requirements of small and microbusinesses.”

The report recommends:
1. The establishment of a Minister for Microbusiness
2. A reduction in the small rate of Corporation Tax
3. A further increase in the rate of Mileage Tax Relief
4. The extension and enhancement of the government-backed Growth Voucher programme
5. Further funding for and clearer signposting of local authority business support

However, Lord Young of Graffham, the Government’s Enterprise Advisor, warned the audience at City Hall for the report’s launch about the dangers of yet another Government Minister. He advised to get in and influence the government, rather than putting in yet another Minister.

The 'Simply Britain Business Pulse Check' offers valuable case studies of micro and small businesses, and advice for all parties wanting to form the next government.

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Feb 12, 2014, Phyllis and Gabriel came to meet Wangdaizhijia in Shanghai,China。Wangdaizhijia has around 200 staff and 5 branches in China mainly doing research and social networking for P2P companies.

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Feb11,2014 LWB team visited Shanghai Credit information Services Co, Ltd. (SCI). SCI is a state enterprise ,providing personal credit system, business credit system and business rating in China .

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LWB's Christmas Party! Bittersweet as we say farewell to our FIE Interns, invaluable contributors Nathalie Vu and Natalie Brenny-good Nats come in Twos- along with celebrating our other interns Chen Wei-Ting and Wu I Ning going for their graduation ceremony for their well-deserved MAs in Marketing from University of Leeds.
All letting off steam in their Boom and Cool spectacles and some having Christmas Crackers for the first time. Groan-- those corny jokes!
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