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Barry Schwartz
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Barry Schwartz

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I just got working a proof of Bézout’s identity in ATS:

O. M. G. The typechecking is much slower for this than all my previous proofs, and until I removed a bunch of cruft it overloaded the garbage collector.

I am now so much closer to proving my binary gcd implementation correct without leaving a certain lemma unproven. This is an obsession akin to the one that resulted in Sorts Mill Goudy (yes, the one that exists as a Google Font, thus the tie-in to Google+). I had no particular desire for a Goudy font, but I had a compulsion to make one.

(The compulsion did not extend to doing a boldface. I dislike boldface and think it usually better avoided entirely. Dictionaries are an exception; I prefer dictionaries that use boldface nicely.)
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BTW I am a severe obsessive-compulsive, in case it wasn’t clear so far. :)
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Barry Schwartz

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Mitt Romney survived a relentless barrage of attack ads about Bain Capital during the Republican primary, but now there’s one ad that appears to be breaking through more than any other. The one-minute...
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Barry Schwartz

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Silly Martha, Al Bundy still had 8-track!
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Indeed he did!
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Barry Schwartz

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At least if the bet were more than a mere $10000.
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I programmed computers. Now I am on disability.
I am a natural born salesman and a master mechanic. Some skill in obscure allusions.
  • Crossworks Inc.
    Computer programming guy
  • Medical Graphics Inc.
    Computer programming guy
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New Jersey - and parts of the US not named here, because it was Pangaea then.

I was born in 1961, and grew up mostly in Kendall Park, New Jersey, USA. As a teenager reading library books I discovered the existence of typefaces. Thus was seeded my main interest these days, typefaces for books.

While studying electrical engineering in the 1980s I discovered troff, TeX, and digital type, and so had his latent interest in typefaces awakened. In 2005, while studying the language Esperanto, I started adding accented letters for that language to fonts, for my own use; before long I was struggling to make the unaccented letters too, in spite of chronic hand pain and the need to use a special input device (

Occasionally I am tangentially semi-active in the ‘Bell skeptic’ community. See

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, with my wife and our many pet dust bunnies.

Bragging rights
I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and can be very annoying, but this characteristic is now cool thanks to that "Monk" character on TV!
  • Rutgers University
    Electrical Engineering, 1984 - 1990
  • Middlesex County College, New Jersey
    Engineering Science, 1981 - 1984
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