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Jonathan North
People tell me I'm funny. I guess I won't argue with them.
People tell me I'm funny. I guess I won't argue with them.

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#TrueFacts 23
Did you know that in 1857 five states went missing? Michconsin, North Michigan, South Ontario, Old York, and Pennsylvania's Hat all vanished one day, leaving nothing behind but the ocean they were floating on. The locals didn't want to alarm anyone, so they...

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Twist Ending 12
I haven't done one of these since 2014. I suppose I could have, but most of my "bad" experiences are usually just minor annoyances. Ames is generally such a friendly city, I never have any encounters with people mean enough to immortalize in fiction. I prob...

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Nishna Valley Bakery Project
As most of you probably know, my family used to run a bakery. That ended a few years back, even though my parents can't seem to give it up, and are still constantly baking for people. :p Anyway, last semester, our final project for one of my advertising cla...

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The REAL Story of Little Red Riding Hood
The last time I worked on this story was May 11th, 2014. I had written a few other "Real" fairy tales around that time, and I had planned for this one to be a sequel to my Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. You can find that HERE if you're curious. But a...

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Umbrella Ave.
This summer I have been working on a ton of different projects, photography, graphic design, video editing, all with the end goal of making a well rounded portfolio that I can use to apply for internships and jobs. Now, I was planning on waiting until that ...

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This Month in Internet (May 2017)
Let's start this post by getting the bad news out of the way first. Remember in my last post how I was so excited that Avi Kaplan was starting a side project in addition to Pentatonix? It isn't a side project. He is leaving the group. I should have known, b...

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Catch Up 3: Everything Else
So, the past two days I covered everything from the holidays that I'd missed, today, I'm just going to finish it off with everything that happened between January and May. First up: I learned to knit! On my way back to Ames for the Spring semester, I stoppe...

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Catch Up Part 2: Shaina's Birthday
Yesterday I posted pictures from Christmas, these pictures were from Shaina's birthday party, which happened not too much after the holidays. Sarah has always loved making specialty foods, and she recently got into planning tea parties, so for Shaina's birt...

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TIIA 11 (The Internet Is Awesome)
I finally made a logo for this thing! It's a bit garish, but it'll have to do until I have time to make something better. Probably in about 3 to 4 years. :p Let's begin with a video from, literally the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to, Mystery Guitar Man...

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Christmas Catch-Up
Can you believe it's almost the end of May and I still haven't gotten Christmas pictures up? I can... I'm notorious for not getting pictures up in good time. Frankly it was a miracle that I got my graduation pictures up only a week after it happened. Maybe ...
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